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Small Coin Pocket Tutorial

To sew this small coin pocket you need:

 2 fabric remnants, approx. 18 x 22 cm
Iron-on fleece (I used H 250)
1 buttons (upper and lower parts) or
a lock of your choice.

Transfer the cut to the fleece and
cut it out without seam allowance.

  Iron the fleece with the iron on medium heat
on the left side of one of your fabrics.
Put the fabrics together right to right ...

 and sew directly with a small stitch
along the edge of the fleece.
The turning opening, about 5 cm, do not forget!

 Now you cut back the seam allowance to about 5 mm,
best with a pinking scissors.
Leave a little more at the turnaround,
to be able to take them better later.

Cut back diagonally at the outer corners (green)
and at the inner corners until just before the seam cut. (orange).

 Then turn.
Shape the corners with a sharp object.
Careful, so you do not stab holes in the corners!
(I like to use the slightly blunt end of a brush.)

 Then iron in shape while adding the seam allowance
put inwards at the turning opening.

 You can close the opening with a short edged machine
but if you sew them by hand it looks more beautiful.

Now you sew the side pieces together by hand,
as shown on the sectional view
(red arrows):

 I have made the template from cardboard,
because the cut is easier to transfer.
The template is without seam allowance!

 Now the bag is ready.
You only have to fold it.

 For this you press the side parts (B and C)
  in the middle to the inside
This closes the bag almost by itself ..

 In the end, you close lid.
The folding is best fixed by ironing.

 Now only the push button is missing.
(Of course you can also apply another closure,
z. B. a Velcro or button.)

 Photo Author: lindladystutorials.blogspot.com

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