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Pencil Case or Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

 My pencil case makes a good deal and also looks pretty. You should not take more than an hour to cut and choose fabric. Even beginners! And in addition, I'll explain how to sew an endless zipper!

 You need ...

• 2 rectangles outer fabric, 22.5 x 14.5 cm
• 2 rectangles of lining material
• 2 rectangles iron-on volume fleece (640 or thinner), 22 x 14 cm
• 24.5 cm continuous zipper and a slider
• a piece of woven ribbon
• optional 55 cm piping

For small bags I use now only endless zipper, because it sews so wonderfully, you do not have to sew over any welded or riveted ends (do not scrap its needles) and you always have the right size ready. I've already gained a small supply of colors by now.

First cut all parts.

Then iron the volume fleece with the adhesive side on the back of your outer fabric.

Now you put the endless zipper right to right on the upper edge of the outer fabric and placed on it right to left the lining.

 Now sew the zipper with the zipper foot of your sewing machine with straight stitch.
 Now you fold both pieces of fabric and iron the edges smooth.

Now place the still free edge of the zipper right to right on the upper edge of the second piece of outer fabric and the second piece of lining right on the left on top. Also sew the zipper tight with straight stitch.

 Now fold both pieces of fabric over again and iron all seams smoothly.Now we come to the zipper: threading the slider is not rocket science and e.g. There are many instructional videos on Youtube. With you, the zipper should protrude a little further than the fabric than mine, then you'll be easier.Cuts on the side where the zipper is longer than the fabric, next to the left teeth. The rest you just cut off. Pull the teeth apart a bit and cut off the right row of teeth about 7mm. Now you put the slider on the left row and push it up until you can thread the right row of teeth in the slide. Now you really should be able to move the slider back and forth comfortably.Leave the slider a few inches away from the threading point and do not open the teeth any further. So your bag will remain pretty stable when sewing together and you can open the zipper later when turning. Simply cut off the protruding piece of zipper.
 Now you can sew a folded piece of woven ribbon on a front side, which will later protrude from the seam. But you do not have to.
 Now you put the outer fabric on the right side and the lining too. Put the parts roughly together with needles. Starts at the turn-around opening on the lining (see small red dots at the end of the dashed line), through which you turn the bag. Once you have reached the zipper, you can now sew in a piping. I bent the end of the piping a bit to the outside, so that the end does not look out of the edge.

When sewing over the zipper, make sure that the zipper is bent towards the lining (here: upwards). Your seam allowance along the zipper would therefore be folded down on the photo.

 Once you have arrived on the other side of the zipper, you fold the end of the piping back out a bit and sew to the other end of the turn-around opening. Now cut the corners a bit, so that you can form them nicely later after turning.

Now you can turn the bag, in which you simply pull apart the teeth of the zipper with your fingers. Close the reversible opening with a simple seam, iron over all parts over it again and put the food into the bag.

 Photo source: hamburgerliebe.blogspot.com


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