Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Patchwork Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Patchwork Zipper Pouch DIY Tutorial
  It's a really simple project, it's quick to make, and is a fun way to show off little bits of your favorite fabrics.

Patchwork Zipper Pouch DIY Tutorial

- neutral fabric (I used Osnaburg which is a great linen look-a-like)
- 4 small scraps in various prints
- lining fabric
- 8" or longer zipper (I like to use a longer one (12") for easier sewing)
- coordinating thread
- fusible fleece (pretty sure I used Thermolam Plus)
- optional - zipper foot
- optional - suede or leather lacing or ribbon for zipper pull


* Piecing seam allowance 1/4" | Pouch construction seam allowance 3/8" *
* Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of every seam *

Place the 4 square pieces in preferred order. The two wider pieces will be on the outside and the remaining two will be on the inside so that the squares will measure the same after the pouch seams are sewn.
 Take the first two pieces (one outer piece and one inner) and place the inner piece on the outer piece right sides touching. Align the inner edges, pin and sew. Repeat with remaining two pieces. Press open the seam allowances. (1/4" SA)

 Place the two pieces together right sides touching with two middle squares aligned and sew together. Press open seam allowance. (1/4" SA)
 Next, place the top strip onto your patchwork strip, align the top edges, pin, and sew together. Repeat with the bottom strip. Press open seams. (1/4" SA)
 Trim the front and back pouch pieces as needed so they are the same width / height.
 Center the fusible fleece onto the wrong sides of the front and back pouch pieces and fuse in place.
 Quilt the front pouch piece. I kept it simple and did two lines of stitching above and below the patchwork.
 Place the front pouch piece right side up, next place the zipper face down and with zipper pull to the left, and finally place a lining piece right side down making sure the the top edges of all three line up. Pin in place and sew across the top close to the zipper teeth. Flip the fabric around so that both pieces are right side out. Press well.
 To attach the other half of the pouch, layer the pieces as follows starting at the bottom:  back piece right side up, completed half of the pouch right side down (outer fabric), and then the remaining lining piece right side down. Align the top edges of all the layers, pin, and sew together close to the zipper teeth. Separate the layers so you have one outer piece + lining (right sides facing out) on one side of the zipper and the same on the other. Press well and topstitch close to the zipper on both sides.

 Flip the layers around so that the lining and outer pieces are right sides touching on both sides of the zipper. Make sure to unzip the zipper halfway so that you'll be able to turn the pouch right side out. With zipper teeth facing the lining, pin or clip the layers together and sew all the way around (3/8" SA), leaving a small opening at the bottom of the lining for turning.
 Clip corners, trim off excess zipper tape, and turn pouch right side out through opening. Use a pointy object to gently push out corners. Press the pouch well to flatten and shape. Close the opening in the lining by hand stitching (ladder stitch) or machine sew. Done!

Patchwork Zipper Pouch DIY Tutorial

Patchwork Zipper Pouch DIY Tutorial
 source:  lbg-studio.com

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  1. Nice looking and useful case. Thank you for this tutorial 😀