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Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial

Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial

Tote Bag Free Sewing Tutorial and Pattern

Supplies Needed

Wild Flowers Fabrics
 - 2 Stash Starters (1 yd.)

Other Supplies
     - 3 yds. nylon webbing for   straps (1in width)
     - 5∕ 8 yd. Pellon® 987F Fusible Fleece
     - 1 yd. Pellon® SF101 Shape flex   fusible interfacing
     - Coordinating thread
     - Removable marker (to show on   print fabric)
     - Snap (optional)
     - Basic sewing supplies
     - Rotary cutter, mat, and   acrylic ruler
    - Sewing machine and iron
    - Even-feed foot (optional)
    - 5in x 13in firm cardboard or   plastic canvas (optional)


Fabric A: 1 - 20" x 32" (bag)
                1 - 19" x 31" (lining)
Fabric B: 1 - 16" x 21" (outside pockets)
                2 - 12 ½" x 10" (inside pockets)
Fusible Fleece:  20" x 32"
Fusible Interfacing:  19" x 31"


1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, apply fusible fleece to the wrong side of the bag and fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the lining.  

2. With a removable marker, mark diagonal quilting lines 3" apart in both directions on the right side of the bag.  Quilt along lines using a serpentine or straight stitch (Dia. A).
Note:  If needed, use the even-feed foot.

3. Trim bag to match the lining piece.  Remove markings from bag.  Mark the crosswise and widthwise centers of the bag and lining with a marker or thread basting (Dia. A).  Set lining aside until Step 11.

Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial


4. Fold outside pocket in half with long edges matching.  Sew around the outside edges leaving a 4"
opening for turning (Dia. B).  Clip corners diagonally and turn right side out.  Press well.  Topstitch along short ends.  Fold in quarters and press firmly to form placement folds.  

5. Place the pocket on the bag matching center markings and baste in place along long edges (Dia. C).

6. Before sewing the webbing, use a match or other heat source to seal the ends to prevent raveling.
Fold webbing in half and mark the center with a pin.

Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial

Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial

7. With one end at the bag center, lay webbing along one side of pocket, centering it over the pocket’s
long edges (Dia. D).  Place the center pin in the webbing at the opposite side of pocket at center fold; pin webbing evenly in place over pocket sides.  Abut ends of webbing together; pin or baste.  

Note:  Take care that the webbing is not twisted while pinning it in place.  Topstitch along the edges of the webbing and stop stitching ½" from the top edges of the bag.  Remove thread basting, if used.

8.  Fold bag in half with right sides together and pin sides.  Sew side seams and finger press seams open.

9. To box the bottom, bring center bottom crease to the side seam (right sides together).  Mark 2 ½" from the point and stitch from edge to edge (Dia. E).  Repeat for other side.

Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial

10. Turn bag right side out.  Press along top, bottom and side edges.  IMPORTANT:  Do not touch the
webbing with the hot iron!  Pin the bag layers together and edge stitch along the bottom and sides of
bag for shaping (Dia. F).  

Note:  The stitching at the bottom edge will prevent items in the outside pocket from slipping into the bag bottom.

Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial


11  Fold inside pockets in half with right sides of long edges matching; pin.  Sew around the edges
leaving a 3" opening on the long side.  Clip corners diagonally and turn right side out.  Press.  Topstitch
along the folded edges. 

12.  Center pockets on short ends of lining 4" from the short edges (Dia. G). Sew in place by stitching
around the sides and bottom.  Stitch through the pockets to divide into smaller sections, if desired.

13.  Pin and sew side seams leaving a 5" opening on one side for turning.  Box corners following Step 9 above.

Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial


14.  Pin straps away from the top edge of bag.  Place the bag inside of the lining matching side seams and top edges; pin and sew.

15.  Turn bag right side out through opening and sew closed.  Push lining into bag.  Press top edge.

16.  Unpin straps and edge stitch around the top of bag, catching the straps in the stitching.

17.  Sew a snap closure inside the bag at the top edge, if desired.

18.  Optional:  Use remaining fabric to make a cover for the cardboard/plastic canvas and place in bottom of bag.

Finished Care Instructions:  Machine wash in cold water; gentle cycle.  Lay flat to dry or tumble dry low.

Wild Flowers Tote Bag Tutorial


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