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Bow Tie Tutorial and Pattern

How to make: DIY Bow Tie Tutorial and Free Pattern

How to make: DIY Bow Tie sewing Tutorial and Free Pattern.

I seem to now be an expert in fashioning bow ties for Derby, weddings, and…dogs?!

Here is the groom’s bowtie from a wedding this summer.

Here are the bow ties I made for a wedding last year:

How to make: DIY Bow Tie Tutorial and Free Pattern

And, one for Sy for the holidays!

How to make: DIY Bow Tie Tutorial and Free Pattern

Since these are so IN right now, thought I would give you a tutorial on how I make them!

Bow Tie Tutorial

First, print out the bow tie template here. Tape them together using the marked overlap. This size seems to fit most people, but its easy to add extra if you need it a bit longer.

How to make: DIY Bow Tie Tutorial and Free Pattern

1.) Use your pattern piece to cut out 4 bow ties from your fabric. Then, cut out just enough fusible interfacing (my fave is Pellon ES114 or 931TD) to cover the bow tie piece, and NOT the neck piece.  It’s way too difficult to turn it inside out like that; plus, all of that is under the shirt collar, and doesn’t need to be super crisp.

2.) Take 2 pieces and put them right sides together. Mark a hole for turning inside out. This is the best place to put it; at the thin end, you smash your bow all up getting it through. Starting at one pin, sew with a 1/4″ seam all the way around, stopping at the other pin.

How to make: DIY Bow Tie Tutorial and Free Pattern

3.) Clip the curves bowing outward, and pizza-slice the seams turning inward. Grade the corners of the ends of the bow tie as well, as shown. This will give you smooth curves and sharp points!

4.) Turn them inside out, push out all the corners and curves, press the you-know-what out of them, then hand stitch the hole closed. I do this little stitch that runs under the fold of the fabric on one side. Then, right where it comes out of one side, I insert it into the other side, run under that fold for about 1/4″, then pop out, and back over to the other side. This makes your seam invisible. 

How to make: DIY Bow Tie Tutorial and Free Pattern

5.) Hang them on a cute chair and take a photo. I really have no explanation for this photo aside from it is cute. 😉

6.) Sew about 2 inches of velcro to each end. Yes yes, this is cheating a bit, but the groom does NOT want to fumble with this bow tie 10 minutes before the ceremony.  He still has to TIE it, so he gets the full experience, but this way he can do it nicely the night before. And the velcro is under the collar, so no one will ever know!

Yay!  Now GIT TO WORK!

How to make: DIY Bow Tie Tutorial and Free Pattern


  1. It could be called a slip stitch, but I thought that was a stitch where you go in the top with your needle, come out the back and bring it again to the top to repeat. I thought that the stitch you were describing was called the blind stitch, as you cannot see it, it looks hidden. But no matter what it is called, it is one that I use often.
    And I agree, you should have a video tutorial, from the way that you word your instructions here, you would make a great video instructor.
    Thanks so much. I will get started right now. My son wants a navy, solid one. Sounds boring, but this is his first bow tie, he might get adventurous later on.

  2. I too struggled with turning the bow tie right side out until I figured out a trick. Start at the bow end, not the skinny open neck end. With your fingers begin tucking the stitched straight edge into itself. Then get s knitting needle. Insert the big head end of the knitting needle into the cavity you made. Gently begin to push the knitting needles into that cavity while gathering up the the outer fabric and sliding the knitting needle deeper. It is amazing simple. Hope that helps.

    1. Man, excellent suggestion! I have a TON of knitting needles, too! Great idea!