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Embroidery Thread Organizer Tutorial

Embroidery Thread Organizer Tutorial
 I just started getting into embroidery and needed somewhere to keep my stash of embroidery thread. It would also be a great little case to organize smaller items like buttons or scrapbooking goodies. Here are the details on how to make one of your own.

Supplies needed

    Thin batting
    Bias Tape
    Gallon size ziplock bags

Embroidery Thread Organizer Tutorial

Here is a quick explanation on the outside. It’s pretty simple (sewing two pieces of fabric together with a bit of batting) so I won’t take too much time going into detail.

Cut your fabric out. For the front, back, and batting cut each 12.5″x20.5″. For the sash, cut your fabric 4.5″x35″. Sandwich your front and back, right sides out with the batting in between. Bind together. You could go the super easy route and use a store-bought fabric place mat too. Or you can fancy it up a bit and do some piecing like I did.

Embroidery Thread Organizer Tutorial

Now for the real how-to:

Take your ziplock bags, line them up, and pin them together at the bottom. They are slippery little suckers so it might take a minute to get them to behave. Once you have them pinned, measure 8 inches down and draw a line on your top bag.

Sew a straight line through all the layers and then cut right below the line. You can leave it like that or use bias tape to make it look a bit more clean.

Embroidery Thread Organizer Tutorial

Now for the sash. Fold your piece of 4.5″x35″ fabric in half and iron. Iron the ends in 1/4″. Sew the side up and then flip. Top stitch the ends closed.

Measure where the middle of your cover is and stitch the center of your sash down. Then on the inside, pin your bags on either side of the sash stitching. Sew down.

Embroidery Thread Organizer Tutorial

Fill your bags with your embroidery floss or other goodies, fold it closed and tie your sash and there you have it!

Embroidery Thread Organizer Tutorial


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