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Cathedral Window Ornament Tutorial

Cathedral Window Ornament Tutorial

How to Make a Cathedral Window Ornament. DIY Sewing Tutorial

Fabric & Supplies:

2 - 7" fabric squares of contrasting fabrics
1/2" Button
Matching Thread
8" Ribbon

1. Cut 6" circles from the 2 fabric squares.

2. With right sides together, stitch 1/4" around circle, leaving about a 2" opening.

3. Trim seam allowance to about 1/8"

4. Turn the circle right side out and use a dull tool, such as a chopstick, to push out the edges.

5. Press the circle.

6. Fold the raw edges of your opening under and press. You should now have a neat looking circle with no exposed raw edges.

7. Top stitch around the circle.

8. Fold the circle in half and finger press. Fold in half again and finger press.

9. Fold in half once more and finger press again.

10. Your circle should now look like a pie with 8 marked lines.

11. With needle and thread, catch the edge of the circle at both of the halfway marks of the circle and pull together.

12. Take the needle through the quarter mark and pull to center. Repeat for both quarter marks.

13. Your circle should now look like this.

14. On a flat surface, finger press the circle, making sure the corners line up with the four remaining marked lines of the circle.

15. With an iron, press the square base to ensure it doesn't shift.

Cathedral Window Ornament Tutorial

16. Fold the circle corners around the back of the square base. Repeat for all four corners.

Cathedral Window Ornament Tutorial

17. Stitch a button to the center.

18. Add ribbon to the corner of the ornament with pin, thread or glue.

Cathedral Window Ornament Tutorial

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