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Grab and Go Fashion Bag Tutorial

Grab and Go Fashion Bag Tutorial

 I am happy to share this fun bag with you today!  Can you ever have enough cute accessory bags?  Finished size is 11.25" x 9.5" wide.

Grab and Go Fashion Bag Tutorial

Back of Bag!


1/4 yd laminate fabric
4 or 5 cotton fat quarters
14" zipper
1/3 yd Fusible Fleece  (FF)
1/4 yd clear lightweight vinyl
1 pkg. Double Fold Bias Tape (1/4")
3" piece of Ribbon (1" wide or wider)

Cutting Directions:

Laminate Fabric - cut 1 pc. 6" h x 12" w (bag back)

                                 cut 1 pc. 3.5" h x 12" w (bag front)

Inside Lining (doesn't show) - cut 2 pcs. 6" h x 2.5" w (sides)

                                                     cut 1 pc. 3.5" h x 12" w (bottom)

                                                     cut 1 pc. 2" h x 12" w (top)

Favorite Fabric (shows behind vinyl)  Cut 1 pc. 10.5" h x 12" w

from remaining Fat Quarters, cut these pieces:
use 3 different fabrics, Cut just 1 of each of these pcs: 2.5" x 5.5", 2.5" x 4, 2.5" x 3.5" (top band)
use 2 fabrics, Cut 2 pcs. 2.5" x 6" h (sides of vinyl)

Cut 1 pc. 5" h x 4.5" w (bag back pieced top)

Cut 1 pc. 3" h x 8" w ( bag back pieced top)

Cut 1 pc. 2.5" h x 8" w (bag back pieced top)

Cut 1 pc. 1.25" x 4" (zipper ends)

Clear Vinyl - Cut 1 pc. 6" h x 8" w (cut with tissue paper underneath and keep the tissue paper with the vinyl while sewing.

Fusible Fleece - Cut 1 pc. 10" h x 11.5" w (bag back)

                            Cut 2 pc. 2" x 5.5" (sides)

                            Cut 1 pc. 3" x 11.5" (bottom)

                            Cut 1 pc. 1.75" x 11.5  (top)

(photo shows pieces for inside lining and favorite fabric that will show behind clear vinyl)

All seams are 1/4"    RST = Right Side Together

Front of BAG

Framing the clear vinyl window.  Along one 6" vinyl edge, line up the lining fabric (facing the vinyl) and the front side fabric, also facing the vinyl (vinyl is in the middle of fabrics)

Repeat with the other side.  Press the fabrics away from the vinyl.  USE a PRESSING SHEET to protect your iron, iron only the fabric.

Put a Fusible Fleece piece on the wrong side of lining fabric, smooth the front side fabric over the FF, press to fuse (follow manufacturers' directions).

Top stitch through all 3 layers on both sides of vinyl window.(1/4" away from the seam).

Sew the bottom laminate fabric (3.5" x 12") right side facing vinyl and the lining fabric underneath the vinyl (RST).  Then add the FF, fuse. Top stitch (through all layers) 1/4" away from seam.

At this point, you can remove the tissue paper from behind vinyl

Sew the 3 top band fabric pieces together to form a strip.  Sew the pieced top band RST to the top of the vinyl, with the lining piece RST.  Add the FF and fuse.  Top Stitch as previous.

Bag Front measures 10.5"h x 12" w

Fold the ribbon in half, place edges along the left side of bag front, line it up against the top band seam.  Baste it in place.

Back of BAG

Sew the 2 long pieces of the back together on the long side. , press seams down.  Sew the remaining piece on the end, to make a rectangle.

Sew the pieced back rectange RST to the back laminate fabric.  Fuse the FF back piece to the wrong side of the 10.5" x 12" fabric pc.  Layer the pieced laminate back on top of the FF side.  Press on the cotton area to fuse.  Top stitch through all the layers.


Fold the zipper end fabric piece in half lengthwise, press, then fold both edges into the fold line, press, fold on the original fold line and press again.  Working from the wrong side of zipper, lay the zipper end piece (opened up) close to the zipper end.  (see photo, pink zipper) Sew across the zipper on the folded line.  Cut the zipper off at the edge of the fabric.  Fold the zipper end fabric over the end of the zipper, tuck the fabric edge under, and sew close to the edge of the fabric (photo aqua zipper).

The above photo shows, zipper end fabric cut, folded, first sewn on pink zipper, zipper end cut off (aqua), finishing the end (aqua).

After sewing, trim the zipper end fabric even with the zipper tape. Open the zipper up halfway, measure and cut the zipper to 11.25". Sew the second zipper end on the same way.

Center the zipper along the top edge of the bag FRONT, RST, so the zipper opens on the side with the ribbon detail (left side) Line the zipper tape up to the bag top, sew. (Use a zipper foot and needle down position if applicable.) Move the zipper pull out of the way when needed, by leaving your needle down in place, and lift the presser foot.

Lay the bag front with zipper on top of the bag back RST, (see the bag back through clear vinyl).  Line up the edges, sew the second side of the zipper.  Before you get to the end, move the zipper pull out of the way.

After zipper is sewn in, press the seams with zipper tape out towards bag pieces.  Use a pressing sheet, being careful not to touch vinyl and laminate.  Edge stitch along both sides of the zipper, keeping zipper tape edges away from the zipper.  Use needle down position, and move zipper pull out of way as needed.

Sew the sides together!

With bag pieces RST, matching up the top edges, sew both side seams ( 1/4" ).  (Zipper should be open halfway for turning!) Take a peek, make sure the side seams look good.  Then sew the bottom also with a 1/4" seam.  

Cover the bottom seam with the bias tape.  Same method as the zipper ends.  Lay the bias tape open along the bottom edge.  Sew on the closest fold line.  Fold the bias tape over and around the seam allowance.  Sew the bias tape close to the edge.

Fold the bottom edge up, 1"  sew and reinforce in the side seam allowance. Repeat on other side. This makes a gusset in the bottom.

Finish both side seams with the bias tape.

The bag is finished!  Turn it to the right side through the open zipper.

Grab and Go Fashion Bag Tutorial

These little bags are perfect for just about any use!  There is a gusset in the bottom of the bag, makes it very roomy.  My favorite feature is the clear vinyl window, so I know that I have what I need with me. Love the laminate fabric, durable and easy to keep clean!

Grab and Go Fashion Bag Tutorial



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