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Knick-Knack Knickers Sewing Pattern

Knick-Knack Knickers Sewing Pattern

And if you haven't noticed yet that you are floating amongst the most heavenly, chubby, sweet little cherub along with a divine assortment of colorful mini pants, I would like to point out the fabulous little knickers that are my latest free pattern for you. Cause I wanted knickers and so did the baby. She said so.

Knick-Knack Knickers Sewing Pattern

Download the knick-knack Knickers sewing pattern.


Knick-knack Paddywhack was my mom's favorite song to rock little ones too. So I sing it, and sew these (just twenty of 'em) in her honor of her silly, fun "Nani" self.

Knick-Knack Knickers Sewing Pattern

knick-knack KNICKERS by anna maria horner

-2/3 yard printed or solid cotton fabric (TRUE COLORS by anna maria is a favorite for these!)
-coordinating machine thread
-1/4” elastic, see lengths by size below for waistband and leg cuffs (keep in mind that all babies vary in size so use you best judgement to get elastic fitting just right and comfortably)

Cutting & Sewing:

NOTE: This design has only one pattern piece which is cut twice from fabric, so there is no side seam, but only center front seam, center back seam and inseam.

1. After joining the four pattern pages together with tape, pattern on desired size.

2. Cut two from fabric, one wrong side, one right side and mark center fronts of each.

3. With  right  sides  together  and  using  a  1/2”  seam allowance,  sew center fronts together on center seam only.  Clip and press open.

4. Repeat  Step  4  but  this  time  join  the  center  backs together.

Knick-Knack Knickers Sewing Pattern

5. Keep Knickers inside out and right sides together, but now align the front and back center seams with each other. Pin together at bottom edge of center, then using a 1/2” seam allowance sew from one leg cuff edge up to the  center  seams,  pivot  and continue  to finish at other leg cuff edge.  Notch seam allowance at center of inseam. Press seam allowances open.

6. Turn top edge of waist  down towards wrong side by 1/4” and press a crease all around.  Repeat at each of the leg cuffs.

7. Turn top edge of waist down once more towards wrong side  by 1/2”  and topstitch right  next  to the  creased edge, stop sewing about an inch or so from from where you began to leave an opening for  threading elastic.  Repeat with each of the leg cuffs.

Knick-Knack Knickers Sewing Pattern

8. Thread  elastic  through  channels  at  waistband  then overlap  and  join  elastic  ends  with  machine  tacking. Finish opening in channel  with topstitching.  Repeat with each leg cuff.  

9. Give the Knickers a final pressing and enjoy!

Knick-Knack Knickers Sewing Pattern


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