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Sunglasses Case + free Pattern

Sunglasses Case Tutorial + Pattern
Sunglasses Case [Easy level tutorial + free pattern]
What a great way to store all your favorite sunglasses! And why stop at sunglasses? This funky case has a perfect handy size to be a clutch. It has enough room for all the life-saving things every girl carries around. An absolute eye-catcher!
Sunglasses Case Tutorial + Pattern

You will need:
leather/faux leather/felt with smooth back
plastic zipper
edding permament marker
glue, pen, scissors, matching thread and sewing machine with leather needle

Sunglasses Case Tutorial + Pattern

1. Download the pattern and print it out on thick paper. That way it will be easier to trace the pattern.

2. Trace the pattern onto the wrong (left) side of the leather.

3. Cut out.

4. Apply thin line of glue around the zipper slit.

5. Glue on the zipper.

6. Sew around the zipper.

7. Place the sunglasses pattern in the middle and trace carefully the outline and the inline of the pattern.

8. Trace the pen lines with the Edding marker. You have to do it slowly and very carefully- from one side to another. Once the color is set you won't be able to remove it.

9.Trace the lines agin for better saturation.

10. Apply thin line of glue around the edge.

11. Fold the pouch together and press the sides - edge to edge. Wait until the glue is dry.

Sunglasses Case Tutorial + PatternSunglasses Case Tutorial + Pattern

12. Sew all the way around the edge.

Sunglasses Case Tutorial + Pattern

13. Cut a thin leather stripe and knot it around the hole in the pull zipper.

Sunglasses Case Tutorial + Pattern

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Sunglasses Case Tutorial + Pattern


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