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Clutch Bag Tutorial

Clutch Bag Tutorial

How To Make A Clutch Purse. Sewing Tutorial. To start off, you will need the following items for this project:

2 Coordinating Fabrics (+ interfacing if you aren’t using sturdy fabric)
Snap Closure
Snap Applicator
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Board
Sewing Machine

Step 1: Cutting out the fabric

Cut out 3 pieces of your outer fabric – 2 pieces 12″x 6″and 1 piece 10″x 5″
Cut out 3 pieces of your lining fabric – 2 pieces 12″x 6″and 1 piece 10″x 5″
(If you are using lightweight fabric,cut out your interfacing this same size and iron-on)
On the 2 pieces that are 10″x 5″ (outer + lining), round two corners. Do this by free-hand cutting a curve starting 1.5″ up from the corner and ending 1.5″ into the other side. This is what you should end up with:

Step 2: Make the exterior

Pin the exterior pieces (12″x 6″) right sides together and sew three sides using 1/4″ seams.

If you would like a flat bottom to your clutch,pinch the bottom corner so that the bottom seam and the side seam line up. Pin flat.

Sew straight across,1″ in from the furthest point.

Snip off the excess material. Repeat with other corner.

Turn inside out. It should like something like this:

Step 3: Make the interior.
Repeat Step 2, leaving 3″ unsewn in the bottom seam.

Step 4: Make the top flap
Pin the two pieces with rounded corners right sides together and sew 3 sides using 1/4″ seam.

Turn inside out and pin flat. You can iron this if you need to make it lay flat (I didn’t because I used a material that would have melted!).

Change your stitch length to 3 1/2 and top stitch around 3 sides. I like the look of double top stitching, so you can do that if you’d like. If you are going to embellish your clutch flap, this would be the time to do it!

Step 5: Finish Clutch and Add Closure
Fit the exterior piece (right side out) into the lining piece (inside out). Fit the top flap in between the lining and the exterior with the top facing the exterior and the bottom facing the lining.

Make sure the flap is centered and pin in place.

Sew around the top of the clutch.

Turn the clutch right side out by pulling the contents through the hole in your lining.

Stuff the lining down into the purse, pin in place,and top stitch around the top of the purse. Again, you can double top stitch if you like.

Attach the snap closure to the main body and to the flap, measuring to make sure they meet up properly. Use manufacturers instructions to install closure.

Voila! You have a cute clutch! Get dressed up and have a fun night on the town!

Clutch Bag Tutorial

Clutch Bag Tutorial


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