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DIY Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

DIY Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

I've made a few pincushions in the past but this one takes the cake, it's super cute and it has a hidden weight to keep it from flying around the sewing room. And there are so many combinations of fabric and button choices it boggles the mind! So let's talk tutorial!

Step one of making the pin cushion is to download the template, it's okay - I'll wait here. Oh, you've got it, great!

Step 2 -- Gather supplies, you need the following:
Circle template printed out onto freezer paper
3 different fabric scraps
1 fabric scrap for back
Scrap piece of batting
Upholstery lead weight - or maybe you can find something in the hubby/boyfriend's tackle box!

You can print out the template onto regular paper, or do what I did and print it onto an 8.5" x 11" piece of freezer paper. This way you can iron it in place and cut right around the circle. I use this method all the time for my applique, it's a super easy way to transfer your designs from computer to paper and cut them out.

Iron the template in place onto one of the fabric scraps, then stack the other fabrics and pin through all three layers. Cut carefully around with a rotary blade or scissors and then cut out each triangle.

Once you've got your triangles cut out you've got three possibilities for your pincushion. Mix and match to see what combinations you like. I used the extra circles to make another pincushion but wouldn't it be cute appliqued to a rug mug or a quilt block, or even for the back?

Layout the triangles in your favorite order next to the sewing machine....

Sew two triangles together with a scant 1/4" seam.

Finger press the seam open.

Line up the points of the next triangle like in the picture and sew with a scant 1/4" seam.

Once you've got your two halves line them up at the seams and the center.

Lined up at the outside seams.

A pin stuck through the middle. It's okay if the bottom edges don't match up, the seam will hide that.

Sew together with another 1/4" scant seam.

Now it's time to press the seams open with the iron.

Yeah! You've got a circle! It's cool if the center doesn't match up perfectly; we'll be covering it up with a button anyway!

Next we are going to quilt the top of the cushion. Pin your circle to a scrap piece of batting.

Quilt around the circle where ever you'd like. I followed the seams and went down the middles.

Now it's time to make a pin cushion pocket. Grab your pin cushion backing fabric and stack it with the quilted circle.

Pin the layers together and carefully rotary cut around both pieces.

We've got two pieces, time to sew them together

Pin the backing fabric with right sides together to the quilted top. Stitch around the perimeter leaving an opening to turn the cushion inside out and stuff it.

Another good idea is to snip triangles around the circle to make it easier to flip...a little dress maker's trick I picked up recently ;)

Now that we've flipped it inside out we've got to stuff it with all that batting!

Stuff the cushion till it puffs up then add the weight to the bottom. Mine has a plastic coating but the center is hollow so I'm able to press a needle through (using my thimble!)

Get your needle and thread ready and stitch the stuffing opening closed. Fold the raw edges in as you go and stitch a scant 1/4" seam.

DIY Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

Here's mine all stitched up, short little stitches work best.

DIY Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

Now we are ready to add the final touch, a cute little button to pull it all together. Stitch a couple loops through the middle of the cushion and the weight so that's everything is held in place. Then add the button.

DIY Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

Squeeze the cushion as you sew the button on and squeeze it real tight on the last pull.

Secure the ends with a few tight small stitches and a knot or two. When you squeeze and secure you'll get a nice pucker like in the picture. Trim the ends... and

Voila! You've got a super cute little pin cushion just waiting to be stuck with a pin or two!

DIY Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

Now you'll always have an extra pin cushion laying around! Which is great for me, I've found there needs to be one at the ironing board, one at the sewing machine and one on the cutting table. I might even need another one just for the pins I use when making clothes as opposed to my quilting pins...That's when you know your serious about sewing;  you are using specific pins for specific tasks! hee...hee!

DIY Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern


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