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Leather Zipper Clutch Bag. Sewing Tutorial

 Clutch bag, genuine leather, with flowers roses. How to sew.

 We cut according to the template, using a gel pen for marking. Hinges for half rings 1.5 * 4 cm. 2 pcs. And handle 1.5 * 40 cm. 2 pcs.

Lower the edge of the skin, as shown in the photo.

Cut out pieces of soft skin for the flower. Approximate dimensions 60*7 cm, 40*5 cm, 19*11 cm.

Begin to fix the flower, twisting it as we like.

Glue the flower to give shape with glue.

Form the flower further, adding petals.

For volume of stuff the flower tissue.

Add another leaf.

Sew the leaves.

 Adding a grey color.

On the reverse side of the bag punch the holes and set holnitene.

Prepare the zipper, stitching the top at an angle.

Cut out the pattern, the same lining, sew pocket.

Glue the zipper and lining and one seam sew zipper retreating 3 cm from the edge on each side.

Do the same on the other side and sew the metal rings on top. If desired, this clutch can be worn on a chain.

Sew face to face the front and back of the bag. And the lining on the sides.

Turn out and manually sew up the lining of the bag with a beaded needle.

We fasten the tip to the zipper.

Glue and stitch the handle, rivet on the clutch. We process the main parts with wax.

Clutch made of genuine leather, sewn with pleasure with your own hands and in a single copy is ready!

Author tutorial: Julia Jukova


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