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Fabric Flower Basket Tutorial

 How to DIY Easy  Flower Basket. Step by step instructions.

Basket fabric - 2 yards
Lightest Weight Fusible Interfacing - 2 yards
Flower fabric - variety, approx 1/4 yard Flower centers fabric - white scraps
Branch fabric - 1/8 yard
Twine - 36”
Wire (22 gauge) - 36”
Tools: Loop turner
Small clothes pins  
1/4” (6 mm) seam allowances are included unless otherwise indicated.

Cut the following pieces:
Basket fabric and interface:
Spokes - 17” x 2.5” (6)
              - 19” x 2.5” (4)
Weavers - 26” x 2.5 (3)
               - 26” x 3” (1) top weaver
Handle - 26” x 1.5” (3)
 Basket edger - 26” x 2”

Basket fabric:
 Handle covers - 2“ x 1.5”
 Bias tape - 1.5“ x 24”

Large flower (per fl ower):
 2” x 2” (5)
 Pattern piece A (1)

Small fl ower (per flower):
 1.5” x 1.5” (5)
  Pattern piece B (1)

Flower centers (per fl ower):
 1/4“ x 4” (3)

Large leaf:
 2.5” x 2.5” (1)

Small leaf:
 2” x 2” (1)

Branch fabric
 1” strips (approx 10)

Fuse interfacing to wrong side of basket fabric following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Cut the required pieces listed on previous page.
Fold each piece lengthwise, right sides together and iron.
Sew open side closed to create a tube. Use your loop turner to turn your tubes right side out.

Iron and top sew along each edge lengthwise.

 On a flat surface lay the six 17” x 1” spokes parallel to each other. Weave the four 19” x 1” spokes perpendicular through the fi rst spokes making sure the weave portion is centered.  Your weave should be tight with minimal spacing between rows. Use your clothes pins to hold pieces in place as you work.
To create the sides of your basket, bend your spokes 90 degrees and weave your fi rst row of weavers. Secure the end of each weaver to the beginning of the same weaver using a clothes pin.

Repeat with other weavers, finishing with the top weaver. Loosen or tighten weavers as needed to make a uniforn width to your basket.  Also measure the height at each corner to ensure even spacing.
Cut the ends of each weaver so that it overlaps the other end behind a spoke and tack in place with FabriTac.
Once all weavers are secure, cut the tops of each spoke to the height of the top weaver and glue in place.

To make the bias tape, with the wrong side of the fabric facing up, fold your strip in half lengthwise and press. Open up the strip and fold each lengthwise edge to the center crease and press.
Fold at the center again to create your bias tape.
Secure the bias tape to the top edge of the basket using FabriTac. 

To create the handle, wrap two strips as shown around the third strip. Once complete, glue the ends so the braid will not unravel. Insert your wire through the center strip and cut to length.
Secure your handle to the sides of your basket using FabriTac. Use clothes pins to hold in place until dry.

Iron the seam allowances on your handle covers towards the wrong side. Apply FabriTac
and attach.

To make the branch, cut a piece of twine to a length that fi ts your design and wrap it with fabric, overlapping slightly and securing ends with FabriTac.

To make a flower petal, place one square of fl ower fabric right side down on a at surface.
Place a small amount of FabriTac in one of the corners. Fold on the diagonal
(step 1).
Place a small amount of FabriTac on the same corner and fold the remaining two corners to that corner (step 2).
Turn the piece over. Place a small amount of FabriTac from the bottom point to about a 1/4” up. Fold the two back corners together at the center line (step 3).
Turn the piece around and shape your petal (step 4).
Trim the petal 3/8” from the point (step 5).

To make a fl ower you will need 5 flower petals.
Place a circular template piece right side down onto your table. Visually divide this into 5 equal sections.
Glue each of the 5 flower petals onto the circular template piece, opening them slightly to ll the circle.

Cut the circular template piece in the center inside each petal.
Place a small amount of FabriTac inside each side of the petal and fold the circular template ap into the glue.

Tie one of the 1/4” strips of the fl ower center fabric with a double knot. Cut excess fabric away from the knots.
Roll the knots between your fi ngers to make a tight ball.
Glue 3 balls into the center of your flower. 

To make a leaf, place one square of leaf fabric right side down on a at surface.
Place a small amount of FabriTac in one of the corners. Fold on the diagonal
(step 1).
Place a small amount of FabriTac on the opposite corner and fold in half (step 2).
Place a small amount of FabriTac on the same corner making sure to cover about 1/4”. Fold in half again (step 3).
Shape your leaf (step 4).
Trim the leaf 3/8” from the point (step 5).

Attach leaves to the flowers by placing a small amount of FabriTac on the inside of one of the petals. Press the leaf firmly in place.

 Lay out your vine and flowers on the basket. FabriTac together and enjoy!


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