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Patchwork Pencil Case Tutorial

 The size of our pencil case is designed specifically to it freely included pencils and pens up to 18 cm.

1. Set of hexagon patterns made of paper

2. A fabric of several colors for a patchwork cloth.

3. Fabric for the front sides of the pencil case, volumetric filler, lining fabric.

4. Zipper 20 cm, sewing thread, floss (for stitches), needles, pins and scissors.

5. Circular knife and mat for cutting.

6. Sewing machine.

We cut textile blanks, then we sew paper patterns. For this case we need only 33 pieces of hexagons with a size of 25 mm.

From the sheathed blanks we lay out an arbitrary ornament and alternately begin to sew them from the wrong side.

You can first sew the hexagons in rows, and then rows – with each other. But it's not necessary. Convenient sequence everyone chooses for himself.

When all blanks are sewn together, it is necessary to iron them without the use of steam.
On the patchwork ornament with a water-soluble marker draw a rectangle so that all the seams are completely inside! We length is approximately 21.8 cm (it will be to sew the zipper) and the width is approximately 21,5 cm

Next, remove the basting and pull out the paper templates.

The basis of our pencil case is three-layer: patchwork layer, filler and lining fabric (100% cotton).
Before we will open materials we recommend to iron well a hot iron. Cut out the filler and lining size 25x25 cm (approximately).

Next, sew or fasten pins all three layers together. Quilting "layer cake" should only be inside the rectangle (departing from the drawn line 5 mm), hide the knots between the layers of fabric.

Only after the quilting is complete can the edges be cut.

Make sure that the seams are not damaged!

To process the edge of the pencil case will use bias binding width of 4 cm.

Two segments of bias binding sew as shown in the photo. The reverse side is better to sew by hand.

Then we sew the zipper to the base and sew it manually as shown in the photo.

Sew the end sides of the pencil case.

To do this, we cut out squares with a side of 11 cm (3 layers) in duplicate. Pins off in the right order. With a water-soluble marker, draw a circle with a diameter of 9 cm and a marking for stitches.

All seams should also be made within a circle at a distance of 3-5mm from the edge.

Next, cut the circle.

End sides are put into the cylindrical part of the pencil case and fix with pins.

To form a loop is necessary to carve out the item size 4, 5x6cm.

Iron the edges inside and stitch as shown in the photo.

Then take two pieces of bias binding width 4cm and a length of 23-24 cm.

Each segment is sewn on the short side, the allowances are smoothed in different directions.

Obtained from bias binding rings dress on the edges of the pencil case. It is necessary to ensure that the "rings" fit snugly to the base.

For reliable fixation of all parts will sew on a sewing machine.

It remains only to bend and sew on the end sides manually.

Don't forget to wash off the marker marks. Your pencil case is ready!

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