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How to Sew an Elephant Toy. Pattern and Tutorial

How to make Pocket Elephant step by step DIY tutorial

These DIY pocket elephants are so lovely. They can be good decoration or gifts. To make these mini elephants, you need a piece of fabric with color and patterns of your choice, a piece of felt, cotton filling, sewing kit, and two black beads.

Pattern with centimeter scale

Fold the fabric face to face, transfer the pattern of the elephant’s body to the fabric, sew it, leaving a hole for stuffing

cut with scissors "zigzag" (or make notches in rounded places)

Turn the elephant with a stick

we stuff with holofiber, first carefully filling the trunk, and then the whole elephant.

On the cord tie a knot, stick a needle with a cord from the inside in place of the tail, pull the cord.

We tie a knot on the cord, fluff the tip.

Sew up the hole with a hidden seam.

Cut two ears out of felt. With a thread of iris, we sew the ear along the outer contour with a trimming seam

Then with the same seam we sew the ear to the body. We perform all these operations with the second ear, we monitor the symmetry of the location of both ears.

We take a needle with a black thread, inject it into the eye suturing sites, check the symmetry, sew the bead eyes, then embroider the cilia with the same thread.

That's all, the elephant is ready, take it in your pocket!)))

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