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Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag Tutorial

 Let's sew a replacement disposable bag-shopper bag. It will be made of super eco-friendly material, durable and stylish.

 In order to sew a lined shopper bag, I needed:

     two-thread fabric (linen, cotton, burlap are also suitable) - 1 m.
     matting fabric - 80 cm.
     detachable zipper lock - 60 cm., threads - 3 reels for overlock and sewing machine

From the two-thread fabric I cut two squares with sides 50 * 50 cm. From the remaining fabric I make patterns of handles for the bag - two rectangles with sides 14 * 66 cm.

I start by sewing the zipper on the bag. For this overcast upper section of a detail of the bag on the serger. Laying out the lock between the details of the top.

I unzip it all the way. Each part of the lock separately applied to the upper section of the front sides inside. Fixing it with pins.

Hand sew stitches with a needle and thread.

I install on the sewing machine a special foot for sewing the zipper lock. Sewing on zipper.

After that, turn the zipper on the front side, do the fastening line on the edge of the clasp.

Cutting off the excess zip.

In the corners do the tip of the scissors oblique incisions-cuts length of 1 cm.

Bend on the wrong side, ironed, sew on a sewing machine.

I cut two rectangles from a piece of fabric with sides 6 * 8 cm. These will be the limiters for the zipper. I fasten them to the beginning and end of the castle, as shown in the photo.

Application. I wanted to decorate the bag themed pattern. Find the right color piece of fabric. I draw a sketch of a sheet of chalk. Cut.

I fold the bag in half on the wrong side. I connect the lower section, first with pins, then with a sewing machine. 

Then connect the side sections, overcast.

Sew the bottom of the bag.

I turn the bag on the front side. I form a hem along the upper cut by 7 cm inward. I iron on a steam iron.

I cut out the detail of the lining of the bag with dimensions of 50 * 40 cm. I collect it along the side and bottom of the bag, just like the main part.

I put a piece of the lining of the bag inside the bag, about seven centimeters below the edge of the zipper.

I bend the upper edge of the bag inside by 7 cm. I Sew the bending, retreating from the edge by 4 cm.

I start sewing handles for the bag. I take the strap part, bend it inside, then in half. Ironing.

Sew the straps to the bag, retreating from the side seam at 11 cm on each side.

I bend the strap, sew at a distance of 3 cm.

my shopper bag is ready!

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