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Simple Bag of Old Jeans. Sew Tutorial

 How to make denim bag from recycled old jeans

Each of us in the house there will always be old jeans, pants. which have become small in size, worn out or out of fashion. Do not rush to throw them out of durable denim can be a lot of things to sew, for example, here is a bag:

For work, we need the following materials:

     old jeans
     thread with needles,
     sewing machine (with zigzag stitch function),
     eyelets (blocks) - 4 pieces,
     beautiful braid, cord or rope.

So, having prepared all the necessary tools, we get to work.

We cut off the jeans trousers and put them together, like this:

Cut off, we get a rectangle of the desired height (depending on the desired size of the bag):

Now we need to sew together both legs, in a single fabric. Cut the seams:

Then we fold the fabric together to get a uniform part:

Stitched, to turn out and get this bag:

We process the upper edge of the bag on a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch. Wrap the edges, punch holes and install eyelets

It remains to pull in handles of beautiful braid, rope and so on.

Here is a handbag you can get. Give new life to old jeans?

author photo: blog.naver.com/hohuk212


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