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Tilda Sheep Doll Toy Tutorial

 Tilda Sheep Doll Handmade. DIY Tutorial

I highly recommend that beginner needlewomen try to sew such a toy.

I decided to sew a fleece toy. it turned out soft and almost fluffy. Be careful, the fleece is very moody at work, it may be worth sewing from ordinary high-quality cotton. You can take almost any color, even a black sheep will look interesting.

Stitched completely. without leaving holes for the reversing.

Do these hole details in the middle and wrenched

The muzzle is made out of cotton, leaving the top hole and gut-wrenching too.

Tightly fill with filler all parts of the body of the sheep and sew up.

Now sew the tail.

Take a circle of fleece (small, diameter about 2 cm) and sew it around the edges, in a circle with a needle, outline. and then pull the thread, collect the tips of the fabric.

Sew two parts of the body, sew through to keep tight and sew on one side of the tail.

Here's what should happen:

Now sew ears. For them we take fleece and other kind of fabric

Sew the head, ears and bangs to the body, make out the muzzle. My nose is made of brown thread and my eyes are painted.

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