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Easy Denim Pencil Case Tutorial

 You think about how big the circles should be on the sides. Maybe you take a cup or a glass as a template. From this you make the two side parts. The length of the fabric is now calculated as described here:

You can measure that across. Here the white line. My circle was 8.5 cm in diameter. You take half of your measure now. That's the radius.

Now you can easily calculate how long your fabric must be if it has to fit around the side circles: 2 x 3.14 x radius. To the extent that is now your result, you are cutting the web. There is no seam allowance.

All parts are cleaned with now zigzag stitch, as jeans fabric quickly ribbed up.

Sew on the zipper

Then you choose a suitable zipper. The size of the zipper then determines the width of the fabric, including the width of the pencil case. I only had a very long time. But it does not matter. Still better, too short. The long zipper I simply centered, right to right, created on the first short edge of fabric and sewn with a degree stitch.

Now comes the only somewhat fumbling spot. The opposite side of the fabric must now also be sewn to the zipper. Aligns zipper and fabric part exactly on the already sewn side, otherwise it will go wrong. If your pencil case is too tight and you can not even sew on it, sew to the middle, flip the folder over, and sew from the other side back to the middle.

I simply cut off the protruding length of the zipper. I also sewn the zipper from the right side of the pencil case, then the fabric is not so high and is not pulled into the zipper.

Almost done, the spring Rotates the pencil case on the left. You can see that the seam around the side panels is still frisky. If you don't mind, you can just leave it that way. I didn't think it was so beautiful, and I still sewn a slanting ribbon to clean it up.

As you can see, this pencil case has no lining. Since this was a fast project, I decided not to sew on it.

Conveniently, we have chosen the piece of jeans with pocket when cutting. This is now outside on the pencil case. As can then quickly a note in, or the eraser

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