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One Handle Bag Tutorial

One Handle Bag Sew Tutorial & Pattern
Bag on the pattern of Rebecca Lambert. American cotton. Closure with strap with a magnetic button. Inside pocket for small things. Good holds its shape. Dimensions - 25 x 40 cm Height of handle - 22 cm.

One Handle Bag Sew Tutorial & Pattern
 For sewing bags, we need:
- The fabric (40 cm by two different colors with a width of 110 cm, or 80 cm of the same color)
- Magnetic lock
- Fabric Marker
- seal
- Scissors
- Iron

 To cut out details of bags: 2 details of the front, 2 details lining, 2 pocket details, 2 details strap. When cutting, do not forget about the seam allowances, because the pattern without them. 2 details the front of the line with a seal. All ironed.
Apply recess when cutting
 All recess sew
 Once stitched recess, cut off the excess and smooth the seams

 Sew pocket. Fold facial, flash, leaving a hole in the side. Through his pocket will turn out. It turned out his pockets, ironed
 Pocket sewn to one of the lining details of
 Sew around the perimeter of the pad, leaving a hole at the bottom, through it we will turn out the whole bag. After cross-linking ironing and smoothes the seams in places rounding do notches.
 Take complete facial details
 Sew together along the perimeter of the facial details
 After stitching iron out the seams and cut them with a sealant
 carve handle 45 cm long and 4 cm wide (dimensions without allowances)
 One of the sealing details of.
 Then, each with hem strip to iron
 Before stitched one piece to another, cobweb paved adhesive and iron. Stitch at a distance of 3 mm from the edge
 I get a tight handle that holds its shape
 By the side of the front details of sewn bag handle
 Getting strap assembly. Details strap put on the seal. Sewn on the perimeter.
 Cut away from the seal seams
 Gut-wrenching, we insert a magnetic button making decorative stitching on the perimeter
 It looks ready to strap
 We find the middle of the front of the bag and sew strap
 On the second front details and calculate the middle and insert the second part of the magnetic key
 All items are ready, you can begin to assemble the bag. Lining unscrew the front part of the inside, insert the front part into it. Strap and handle, sewn to the front details must also be inside lining.
 Carefully connected to each other details and stitched them together
 Bag turn through a hole in the lining. Sew up the hole left in the lining. Ironed. Get decorative stitch at a distance of 3 mm from the edge of the upper perimeter of the bag