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Cover for Iron Tutorial

How to sew a cover for Iron. Tutorial & Pattern
How to sew a cover for Iron. Tutorial & Pattern.

 To cover, we need:
- Fabric for the outside and the inside;
- Padding polyester;
Zipper - 65 cm;
- Thread;
- Sewing machine;
- Ruler, pencil, paper, scissors;

 To determine the size of a pencil draw out the iron on the perimeter.

 We cut out four identical details with an allowance of 1 cm: from the main fabric top and bottom of the cover (I have it from a different fabric), as well as fabrics for interior trim two details. From padding polyester cut out two more the same items without allowances.

 Fold sandwiches: the inner detail of seamy side up / padding polyester / exterior detail seamy side down and the stitching together.

 Now for the side panel. Measure the height of the iron, add 3 cm - get the height of the side panel.
In my case - it is 17cm + 3cm = 20cm.

 Measure around the perimeter of one of the parts ready for determining the length of a side part (in my case - 80 cm).

 The result was a detail of 20cm * 80cm to the side of the cover.

Zipper opens case not before the end. Therefore, the side of the cover is divided into two parts - with zipper and without. I have this part of the patches, but you can take a piece of fabric.

Zipper 65cm long enough to iron freely placed in a case and extracted from there. Therefore, we divide our side of the two - 63cm (to hide the ends of the zipper to the fabric) and 17cm. Accordingly, we do the same with the inner part.

 As a result, we've got four pieces: two size 20cm * 63cm (one of the main fabric and one - from the inside) and two from the lining fabric measuring 20 * 17 (one of the main fabric and one - from the inside).

At first, loans part of a zipper. We determine at what height we have it will be held and cut the fabric along the entire length.

 We sew a zipper in the section of, tucking the cut. That's what we've got.

 The top and bottom inserts the appropriate segments padding polyester.

 All stitching.
We sew the remaining section of the side of the cover, which we postponed - 17cm * 20cm. With him are doing exactly the same - and paving the inside padding polyester quilt.

 Turned out the side of the tack to the top and bottom of the cover, the reverse side to the underside.

 Then open sections were treated bias binding.

 Sew on carrying handle.

 The end. Now you can hide the iron :)

How to sew a cover for Iron. Tutorial & Pattern

How to sew a cover for Iron. Tutorial & Pattern

How to sew a cover for Iron. Tutorial & Pattern


  1. Neat idea and cute pictures, but for beginner sewist the directions seem a little sketchy.

    1. I agree the directions could be better. I am going to try this from my late husbands' shirt.

  2. I think it is well described. Difficult with translated words sometimes. I made two similar to this for my grandchildren's Lego bricks before Xmas. I must make one for my iron now!

  3. Muito interessante, a bolsinha para colocar o ferro de passar.