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Bag from a Man's Shirt Tutorial

Bag from a Man's Shirt Tutorial
Upcycled bag tutorial using a man's shirt. Describes how to make sew.

 1) To work, we need:
- Favorite shirt
- Lining cloth bags (45 x 100 cm)
- Fleece (90 x 100 cm)
- Belt Feed - 2 cut at 70cm
- Sew decorative buttons (* optional)
- Scissors / knife for patchwork
- line
- Needle / sewing machine

 2) cut out details of the bag.
- 2 length 40 x 40 cm front side (of shirt)
- 2 length 40 x 40 cm lining
- 2 length 15 x 40 cm
(out of a shirt and lining)
 3) Sew up the item with button-down shirt, so that it becomes a single canvas. The most convenient way sew on the existing valve at the factory line.

Before the next step be sure to glue all the details bag fabric Vlies.

 4) Take the two parts of the pocket (15 x 40 cm) and add them to face each other. Sewn along the long sides.
5) to turn out to get the item on the front side and to steam iron on bends.

 6) is applied to the pocket detail one part of the lining
 7) sewn on the perimeter, leaving the upper part is not sewn pocket.
 8) On the front side of each of the shirt sew the bag handles. Make sure that they are symmetrical and the same length.
 9) in pairs add up shirting fabric and detail of the lining facing each other (the loop handle must remain inside).
 10) Sew details with the side where the handle has been sewn.
 11) iron out the seam
 12) As a result, you should get two rectangular details (as pictured)
 13) Fold the resulting details facing each other, always combining the seams, we pre-press them apart. Sew around the perimeter, leaving no area on the lining sewn sufficient to evert (in the picture at this point are a pair of scissors).
 14) have cut corners (before reaching the seam), so they do not bristled when reversing.
 15) 16) everted the bag. I must get this result here.

 17) countersunk seams to sew up the hole through which to turn out the bag.
 18) -21) The last stage of the decorative and executed at will!

I sewed a button on the leather and reinforced pocket magnetic button for closing the bag.

 22) Finish!

Bag from a Man's Shirt Tutorial

Bag from a Man's Shirt Tutorial

And here continuation. How to sew a bag out of the sleeves of the shirt


  1. My mom wore shirts like this one. When she passed away, my sister wanted me to make a pillow. I seen you pattern and I think it will be better than a pillow. Thank you for the free pattern. God bless.

  2. Love this idea, I just made 5 memory Pillows for my nieces and their children from Their Dads'/ Grandpa's shirts. I love this idea as well!

  3. Totally awesome! I have to make this!!