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Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial

Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial + Pattern
How to sew a stylish and compact purse out of felt with their hands. Despite its small size, it is very functional - it has compartments for everything you need - for banknotes, coin and card holders, and sew it not difficult!
Materials and tools for making a purse out of felt:

    - hard felt of three different colors 1-2 mm thick
    - zipper
    - magnetic button
    - scissors, thread, chalk or marker pins
    - sewing machine

Cut out of felt hard parts of the specified size. On the upper right and lower left parts, departing from the edges of 0.5 cm, we put a marker or chalk line on three sides, rounding corners. In these lines we will sew, and cut off the residue, thus obtaining perfectly smooth edge.

Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial
We put a zipper detail, align and fix with pins.
Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial
Carefully, making sure nothing has shifted, sew the zipper, remove the pins.
Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial
Fix the ends of the thread on the back side and clipped tails sticking out zipper.
Now we take a large detail and try on her all four pockets for cards exactly in the middle.
Sew one of the pockets, only the bottom.
Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial
Likewise sew second and third pockets, displacing them at 0.3-0.5 cm from each other. Only sew along the bottom edge. Last sew the pocket has U-shaped seam grasping it by all the lower side details.
Now we take a rectangular detail with a side of 9 cm and sew it to the pocket.
It remains only to make a flap. Put the upper part of the magnetic button on the strap.
Fold strap in half and stitched by.
Cropped exactly at the edge of the semicircular end of the rectangle and sew it to main part of the the valve.
Now we have all come together. Fold in layers with zipper detail, with pockets for cards and the latest, with a front pocket.
Stitched by a marker on the target line, ignoring the slight displacement of the layers relative to each other, it is inevitable, but not terrible.
Use scissors or a knife, backing away from the seam, cut the extra couple of millimeters. Edge turns smooth.
It remains only stitched valve to the upper edge, at the same time closing this seam pocket for coins with zipper.
Purse ready!

Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial

Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial

Felt Coin Purse Wallet Tutorial + Pattern


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