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Clutch - Book Tutorial

How to Sew Clutch - Book Bag. Tutorial & Pattern

How do Clutch-book - a stylish accessory that once won my heart at first sight.
 The materials that will be needed for:1. Binding cardboard 2 mm.2. Thick paper or paperboard density of 200-300 g / m2.3. Fabrics two or three colors, one of which has to be soft beige or cream color. The fabric for the cover of needs in the amount of 25 cm by 50 cm, the fabric for finishing the interior of the clutch - 25 cm by 100-110 cm for the "pages" Cloth (single-colored beige) - 10 cm by 75 cm.4. Felt Sheet slightly larger than A4, and the sheet-sublimation print with cover.5. Seals of one or more species (for patchwork, fleece, padding polyester, etc.).6. Accessories - any lock s magnetic button, corners for scrapbook papers.

 The first step is to cut the cardboard. the size and number of such scheme.

 Preparing details number 1, № 6-9, glue and masking tape.

 We begin to glue the box. First, the short sides

 Then the long sides

 We try all neatly docked, it is important to accurate to the millimeter, match the size of all the details.

 Additionally glue masking tape all joints outside the box and inside.

 Then prepare a strip of fleece or other sealant 5 cm by 70 cm.

 And paste a strip on the side of the box.

 Now it is the turn of a beige cotton. We take our band and her skin-tight box.

 The strip of fabric should be fairly wide, enough to both the bottom of the box, and on the inner side of it.

 Sealed edges, as shown in the photo. The joint hem make out through one of the short ends of the fabric strip.

 Now we go to a thin cardboard, take details number 10-14.

 Each of the details skin-tight fabric.

 Part of the binding cardboard number 2 too tight fitting at this stage, but a little differently, leaving a large allowance on one of the long sides.

 In this detail, which should become the cover of our boxes, we sew the pocket and label. For pocket trapezoid need of fabric with the upper base of 12 cm and 8 cm lower, folded in half over a larger base. Paving the stitches along the sides of the parts and the lower side, leaving a hole for eversion. To turn out to do, and stripped. Then take the rubber band paste it into the details to the larger side, and hand stitched edge of the rubber band to the corners of the trapezoid.

 Then we lay on top of the seam, the greater side of the part, uniformly pulling an elastic band during sewing.

Ready pocket impose on the cover boxes and sew, trying to do everything exactly. At this stage, if you want, we sew label.

 Now we need two squares of the same fabric with sides of 12 cm.

 Fold them in half face to face and stitched by both the photo
 Gut-wrenching, stripped, Sewing zigzag edge.

 We take all the details made in the last steps, plus a short internal side of the box.

 We connect with triangles

 Now sew details the cover boxes

 Crop, as shown, our long allowance cover

 Now take the frame of cardboard boxes and start to stick the internal details. First, short skirting

 Then, the cover allowance

 Then, the bottom and the rear skirting

 Now set the lower part of the lock clutch on the middle frame.

 Now the remaining sticking skirting.

 The inner part of the clutch is ready, you can go to the cover

 The finishing touch will make a pseudo-headband for our book, is well suited wide tape

 For the cover we need details of cardboard (№3-5) and padding polyester.

 Is glued to sintepon all three details

 And tight-fitting fabric whole construction

 Now we need a sublimation print and felt. The printed image is transferred to an ordinary iron

 Cut along the contour of the two covers and back. We place them in a cardboard covered with fabric and sew the basis of

 It is necessary to make a strap and set it on the rest of the hardware lock

 Strap pasted on the cover.

 Cover stitched by a perimeter seam strap fixing.

 The last thing we need to do - is to connect the box with the cover.

How to Sew Clutch - Book Bag. Tutorial & Pattern
 Bonding parts together, trying to make the most of the clips and clamps for stronger bonding.

How to Sew Clutch - Book Bag. Tutorial & Pattern
 All is ready! We wait until the glue dries and enjoy the result!
How to Sew Clutch - Book Bag. Tutorial & Pattern

How to Sew Clutch - Book Bag. Tutorial & Pattern

How to Sew Clutch - Book Bag. Tutorial & Pattern

How to Sew Clutch - Book Bag. Tutorial & Pattern