Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sew a simple pencil case from felt

Sew simple and functional pencil case or glasses case or a compact makeup case of printed felt.
Need a bare minimum: only 1 sheet of felt the size of a picture about the A4, can be a little smaller, zipper 15-20 cm and a printed pattern.

 simple pencil case from felt

 Pattern to be printed on A4 paper
 simple pencil case from felt
 Cut out the pattern details.
 Transfer them felt better on the back side, not shown.

 The first step is to sew a zipper.

 Now take a large detail and a second row of stitches tack it less detail with a zipper.

 Now we sew a small detail in the big slot on the perimeter and the outer perimeter of the two rows of stitches.

 Zipper is ready, there was only a couple of steps. Fold detail in half.
 We connect stitching halves. Excess allowances cut to the very seam.
 Again, we put a pencil case, as shown in the photo.
 Perform side seams, do not forget to pre-unzip.
 To turn out the product on the front side and gently straighten corners. All is ready!

 simple pencil case from felt

 simple pencil case from felt



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