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Round Bag Tutorial

Round Bag Tutorial

So, here is a sketchy guide to make a small round bag. Free Sewing Tutorial.

What you will need:

2 round (A) pieces of the outer fabric and 2 of the inner fabric (4 total).

2 trapezoid pieces (B) as below of the outer fabric and 2 of the inner fabric (4 total).

1 long piece (C) of outer fabric and 1 of the inner fabric (2 total).

A string or loop for the button to fasten the bag. If you want to use velcro or snap fastener, you will not need a string or loop.

(measurements are in inches)

How to:

1.Using the outer fabric, align sew (B) on the top flat of (A), right sides together and sew. Repeat for the inner fabric.

2. Mark the middle point of A and C. Right sides together, match the middle points and pin (C) around (A) and sew them. Sew the other A piece outer fabric to C.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the inner fabric but leave a gap in the bottom seam, for turning inside-out later on (around middle point).

Round Bag Tutorial

Here is how it will look like

Round Bag Tutorial

4. Place the inner piece inside the outer piece (right sides together) and pin. Now, if you want to use a button to fasten the bag, insert a loop between the two layers on one side of the bag, so the ends of the loop sticks out and pin it.

Round Bag Tutorial

5. Sew along the edge, both sides.

6. Turn the bag right way out through the gap in bottom of the inner fabric. Iron all around the edges of the bag where you have sewn for the layers to sit nicely.

7. Fold in one of the top of the straps and tuck the other in and sew them together.

8. Hand-sew the gap in the inner fabric closed and the button (or whatever you chose to fasten the bag).

I used one of my son's old pencil to fasten the bag.

Round Bag Tutorial


I am ready to go!!

Round Bag Tutorial


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