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DIY Painted Fold-over Clutch

DIY Painted Fold-over Clutch

I really love clutches, I mean, who doesn't?  So when I was in New York for a Heather Ross sewing workshop, I stumbled upon the most beautiful waxed linen fabric that just called out to be made into a clutch. I had seen this amazing vintage striped trim at the store and knew I should buy it, but in typical fashion I decided to "think about it" which loosely translates into regret it later for not buying the whole roll.

DIY Painted Fold-over Clutch

In an effort to recreate the look of the trim, I decided to paint the linen in a striped design. I was really concerned about the paint choices out there for this type of project. I needed a paint that would remain soft on the fabric and would be able to handle the wear and tear that comes with being owned by...me!
I had heard about Martha Stewart's multi surface paint and decided to give it a try. The bottle states that it can be used for painting on wood, fabric metal and even glass!

Here is what I used:
Martha Stewart multi purpose paint in Yellow Gold and Party Streamer
Martha Stewart Sponge Pouncer
Blue painters tape
Fabric for the clutch outside and a fun print for the inside
A brass tooth zipper

1.  I cut my fabric to measure 12 x 13". I cut 2 pieces for the outside and 2 pieces in a fun cotton for the lining

2.Using Blue painters tape, carefully create your stripes. The distance apart is up to you.
I chose a wide middle stripe with narrower stripes on either side.

3. Then I used the Martha Stewart foam pouncer to apply my paints. Be sure to
use an up and down motion. This has to be my favorite tool yet, super easy
to hold and holds just the right amount of paint!

4. Leave it to dry for a while to dry.

5. When it is totally dry, carefully remove the tape.

6. Lay a cloth over the fabric and give it a good iron...this will set the paint!

7. My cool brass zipper was a little too long so I cut it to size and made a simple little tab to make it look a little neater.

8. Line up the zipper, zip faced down on top of the right side of the outside piece. Next lay your lining piece right side down on top of the zipper to form a kind of zipper sandwich. Pin it all in place and using a zipper foot sew it all together.

9, Repeat this step with the other 2 pieces of fabric on the other side of the zipper.
(make sure your zipper is pulled open about halfway before you continue with the next step!)

10. When both sides have been sewn to the zipper, open the whole thing out matching the lining sides and the outside pieces right sides together. Pin all the way around and then sew making sure to leave a 3 inch gap in the bottom of the lining for turning out.

11. Turn out your bag and sew up the hole in the lining.

Give everything an iron and Voila......super stylish clutch...

DIY Painted Fold-over Clutch

Just for a little added flair I painted a couple of plain wooden beads with a little craft glue then gave them a dip in Martha's gorgeous neon glitter. My two favorite things...neon and glitter!
I strung the beads on a neon cord and simply attached them to the zipper pull!

DIY Painted Fold-over Clutch

DIY Painted Fold-over Clutch


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