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DIY, Fast and Easy Tote Bag - Tutorial

DIY, Fast and Easy Tote Bag - Tutorial

The simple way how to make a tote bag.  Tote Bag Variations :a tutorial addendum (original tutorial here)

DIY, Fast and Easy Tote Bag - Tutorial

DIY, Fast and Easy Tote Bag - Tutorial

Here are a few variations/extras you can add to your tote bag.

To make a bigger, sturdier bag today, I am using home dec/upholstery weight fabric for the outside and canvas for the lining.  I cut my fabric into rectangles this time 18" x 15".

Instead of using webbing for the straps,  cut 2  4" x 20" strips of the outer fabric. Fold a strip in half lengthwise and press.

Open up the strip to reveal a lovely crease down the middle.

Fold in the lengthwise edges of fabric to meet the crease and press.

Fold in half again and press.

Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance ( I move my needle over to do this) sew up the open edges of your strap.

Repeat instructions or second strap.

There you go...follow the rest of the instructions in the original tutorial.  Or maybe you'd like to add an interior pocket:

Cut a square of fabric 1/2 inch bigger than the size you want the pocket to be.  I cut mine 7' square.

I serged the edges for the sake of neatness but this isn't necessary.

Fold down the top of your square about 5/8 of an inch, press and stitch.

Mark your lower square corners 1/2 inch in from the side and bottom.

Lay a ruler across the top points of your lines and trim off the corner.

Fold the corner in and press.

Then fold in each side and press.

Your pocket should look like this from the back:

Place the pocket where you'd like it to be on one piece of your lining fabric.  Pin and sew, the sides and bottom, pivoting at the two bottom corners...but don't sew across the top!

Now if you want to square off the bottom corners of your bag, which I think gives nice structure to bigger bags, follow these instructions:

After you've sewn all the way around your inside-out bag as per the basic bag instructions but before you turn it right side out, pull apart the fabric at one corner of the bag lining and flatten it as you see below. That is the bottom of the lining you are looking at.

I used the square on my grid  and a ruler to draw a diagonal line across the bottom like this:

Can you see the line?  Now sew on that line across the bottom of the lining.

Do the same thing for the other lining corner and for the 2 outer bag corners.

Cut off the excess fabric past your stitching line on all four corners.

Now turn your bag right side out and proceed as directed in the basic bag tutorial.

DIY, Fast and Easy Tote Bag - Tutorial

Happy Sewing!

DIY, Fast and Easy Tote Bag - Tutorial

DIY, Fast and Easy Tote Bag - Tutorial


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