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Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

This week, we’re making a cute little stocking stuffer pincushion! Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial.

1. Fabric: You’ll need five charms! One each for the top, bottom, petals, flower center and binding.

2. Cutting the Hexies: You will need seven 1″ tall hexies. Here is a pdf template. I put extra hexies on the template, but you’ll only need to cut out seven.

Layout six hexies on the petal charm fabric.

Cut with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Also cut one for the center of the flower.

3. Sewing the Hexies: Begin by folding in one side. Place your needle along the next edge to the left. Fold this edge using your needle to get a clean edge.

Put two stitches at each intersection. Repeat this process working around the hexie; knot at the end.

This is what you should have. Times seven.

Sew the hexies together to be a flower. I use the whip stitch and silk thread. Place the hexies that you’re sewing right sides together. Sew from the top. Knot at the beginning and end of each side.

4. Appliqué the Flower: Now you will appliqué the flower onto your fabric for the top of the pinnie. I used silk thread.

Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

You have two options to remove the template. You can either remove the templates prior to appliquéing OR appliqué with the templates in and cut them out from the back. I did the former. Because these hexies are so small, they keep their form well.

5. Cutting the Circle: Trace a circle onto your top fabric. I traced a roll of duct tape. Make sure to center the flower.

Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

Pin the bottom fabric to the top fabric wrong sides together.

Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

Cut out the circle. You are cutting both pieces at once.

Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

6. Making the Binding: Cut 3/4″ wide BIAS strips from the binding charm.

Sew together the bias strips.

Press seams open.

Press the binding in half. I press the whole thing flat and while warm, finger press In half. Then press with the iron.

7. Attaching the Binding: Pin the binding around the edge of the pinnie top on the right side. At the end, fold over a short cuff and tuck in about 1/4″.

Attach with an 1/8″ seam.

This is what it should look like.

8. Sewing the Top & Bottom: Pin the top and bottom right sides together. Leave about 1 1/2″ for the opening.

Sew with a 1/4″ seam. Do not sew the opening.

Cut about every 1/4″ along the edge up to the seam.

9. Stuffing & Finishing: Turn the pinnie right side out. I stuffed with small scraps (dime to nickel size), but you can also use crushed walnut shells.

Hand sew closed. You’re done!!

Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

These go pretty quick and make great gifts! So start sewing!!

Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

Cute Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern


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