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How to sew a cosmetic bag.

COSMETICS BAG  Size 16 x 11 x 9 cm. DIY Tutorial Sewing Pattern.

Draw the upper and lower sections on pattern paper in accordance with the dimensions in the pattern.


Cherry blossom pattern: upper section 4x
Dot stripe pattern: lower section 2x on the fold (grain line = direction of the stripes of dots)
Volume fleece: upper section 2x, lower section 1x on the fold
Fabric inlay: upper section 4x, lower section 2x on the fold

Cut all pieces with 1 cm seam allowance.

 1. Iron the fabric inlay onto the wrong side of all the cut fabric pieces. In order to do this lay a damp cloth on top. Press the iron down in 12-second steps. Lay flat and leave to cool for approx. 30 minutes. Iron the additional volume fleece onto the wrong side of 2 upper sections and 1 lower section, covering the fleece with a damp cloth and pressing the iron down in 15-second steps. Lay the pieces flat again and allow to cool for 30 minutes.

2. Lay two upper sections right sides together, one with and one without volume fleece. Insert the tape of one zipper half between the edges c-c flush with the cut edge of both layers of fabric and pin. Stitch the seam close to the zipper teeth using the zipper foot. Fold the upper section with wrong sides together and iron the seam away from the zipper. Process the 2nd upper section with the second zipper tape in the same way. (A separable zipper makes sewing easier when turning the bag later but is not absolutely necessary).

3. Pin the outer lower section (with volume fleece) to the outer upper section (with volume fleece), right sides together along the edges a-b. Stitch the seam and iron the seam allowances apart. Pin velvet ribbon on the right side at the centre over the seam.
Top stitch on both sides close to the edges. Work the second connecting seam between upper and lower sections along a-b in the same way. Topstitch the velvet ribbon here also. Sew the same seams on the lining sections (with fabric inlay), leaving approx. 8-12 cm open at the centre of a seam to turn the sections

4. Cut 2 pieces of the corded ribbon, each 7 cm long, and fold each in half. Pin and tack the cut edges of the corded ribbon loops right sides together and central to point c on the outer lower section. Lay the edges a-c-a on the outer upper section right sides together over the edge a-c-a on the outer lower sec-tion and pin. Stitch the seam a-c to just before the zipper teeth (violet line).
Begin the continuation of the seam on the second half of the upper section at c right behind the zipper teeth and stitch to a. Sew the edges b-c-b together in the same way and iron. Work the same seams on both sides of the lining pieces. Then iron the seam allowances a-c-a and b-c-b towards the lower section.

5. For the corners lay the points marked b on the outer upper and lower sec-tions onto one another, right sides together. Pin the parts together and sew the seam (violet line). Cut into the seam allowances at the beginning and end to just before the seam.
Work all the corners on the outer upper and lower sections and the lining in the same way. Then turn the bag through the turning slit. Topstitch the slit close to the edge or close it by hand. Insert the lining into the outer bag fabric so that all the corners and seams are exactly above one another.

6. For the zipper tassel wrap the Top Stitch thickly around the 5 cm edge of the cardboard. Insert a doubled length of the Top Stitch under the wrapped thread on one edge and tie the wrapped threads together tightly at this point.
Cut open the wrapped threads on the opposite cardboard edge. Tie the tassel together 0.5 -1 cm below the tied point by wrapping the remaining thread around it several times and knot the threads

7. Insert the corded ribbon loop onto the spring hook ring on one side of the cosmetics bag. Knot the thread tassel onto the zipper. (Fix the knot in place with a spot of textile adhesive if necessary).


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