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How to sew a Simple Wallet

 This is a tutorial on sewing a small purse for banknotes and three credit cards.

For sewing we need:

- thick leather;
- punch;
- water-based adhesive;
- cutter or knife;
- button installer;
- metal button;
- sewing machine for heavy fabrics and leather;
- thread 100 ll.

To begin with, take a dense strong skin and cut out three parts: one part 220 x 1110 mm and two parts 86 x 67 mm.

Then coat two small parts of glue around the perimeter, leaving only the top not missed the mark. And leave to dry for 10 minutes.

The glue is water-based.

Now we make holes for the button with a hole punch.

Then set the button.

Hold the nozzle button and that's what we got:

By this time two small details have already dried up and it is possible to lay the first seam.

The ends of the thread cut to 3 mm and cauterize with a lighter.

Then we lay the second, last seam.

And coat the skin finish, including the ends of the wallet. This is a very simple way, without additional processing of the edges.

And wallet ready :)

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