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Belt Bag Tutorial

 Small round handbag on the belt of eco-leather. Comfortable, small and quite roomy. Fastens with a zipper. It is put on a belt, hands at the same time remain free.  The diameter of the finished bag 14 cm.

Necessary materials: fabric for the outside of the handbag (I used eco-leather, you can take a denim or other thick fabric), fabric for lining, thin polyester padding, zipper 20-25 cm, thread with a needle, pins, scissors, ruler.

Leather cut out 2 circles with a diameter of 15 cm.

Put the fabric for lining, padding polyester, and on top of a circle of leather.

This sandwich should be quilted, making the picture, what you like. I'll have diamonds. To strip was smooth, you can use masking tape and stitch along the lines, as shown in the photo.

Carefully remove the tape without damaging the edges of the skin and cut off the excess padding and fabric padding.

You also need to quilt and the second round. I made them with different drawings.

On the back side of the handbag to sew belt loops through which the belt will be passed. Leather cut 2 strips 9х4 cm

Bendable strip with one and on the other side and stitch in the middle as shown in the photo.

Bend the tips on both sides and sew the belt loops on the back of the handbag.

Now for the zipper (my zipper 21 cm). From lining fabric cut out 2 strips 21x3 cm

Put the zipper face down and sew on the edge of a strip of fabric.

Bend the strip along the seam and stitch again.

Repeat with the second strip of fabric.

Turn the zipper face up. Leather cut 2 strips 21х3 cm

Sew strips of leather to the zipper. You can also, as described above, but I just stitch closer to the zipper, tucked the edges of the skin inward. The edges of the zipper it is better to make loops. Strips of leather, tape or cord length 4 cm, fold in half and sew on the edges, as shown below.

The upper part of the sidewall of the handbag is ready. For the rest of the cut 2 strips 26x6 cm of leather and lining fabric.

We begin to sew the strip lining. First to one edge of the zipper strip then to the other (as shown below).

Then also sew a strip of leather.

Turn to the front side. The side of the handbag is ready.

It remains only to connect front and back of the bag with the sidewall.

To do this, on the reverse side sew first one circle to the side, then the other.

To seams were neat, they can be sheathed with a strip of fabric 3 cm wide, bending the edges inward on both sides

Turn to the front side. The round waist/belt handbag is ready.

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