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Patchwork Flower / Potholder Tutorial and Pattern

Flower Potholder Tutorial
 Initially, you need to choose the material from which the Fabric will be made to be natural: cotton or linen. The fabric of synthetic fibers is not suitable, because it melts from high temperature.

  The filler should not pass heat and not melt.  I will use cotton batting (but now there are imported heat-resistant fillers on sale).

  I glue all the details of the cut with a thin interlining. Tack better keep shape and become more wear-resistant.

  Before the reveal you need a cloth to rinse and dry without squeezing. After to iron with steam. (many natural fabrics give a great shrinkage).

To print on A4 paper

1. Materials needed: cotton fabric ( I used calico), a thin interlining, cotton batting, thread, scissors.

2. To cut out 3 pieces of pink color and 3 parts of blue color ( increase the stitches already included in the pattern of 7-8 mm). All parts are glued with interlining!

3. A circle with a diameter of 22 cm of green tissue

4. A circle of batting with a diameter of 22 cm

 5. Core 1 piece of yellow fabric

6. Sew the top of the potholders ,as in the photo

7. Smooth seams

8. Sew two semicircles, leaving in the center of the plot for turning ( about 5 cm)

9. Smooth the seam

10. On the reverse side we trace the pattern as follows

11. Circles of fabric and batting sew in a circle

12. Fold the cut parts in the following way (inside out)

13. Fasten with pins

14. Sew on the contour. Sewing machine stitch length 2 mm

15. Remove the pins and cut close to the line of extra batting.

16. Scissors zig-zag cut off excess fabric

17. If there is no curly scissors, then cut off the excess fabric with ordinary scissors and make cuts around the perimeter of the potholders

18. In the corners make the notch

19. Turn out through the left hole

20. We straighten all the edges of the potholders and sew along the contour

21. Sew up the hole

22. Exactly in the center of the potholders pin detail yellow

23. Stitch on the inner circle.

24. Sew the yo-yo the next way

25. Stitch potholders spend "seam-in-seam." Start the stitch with a few punctures in place (stitch length 0), then sew (stitch length 3 mm), finish the stitch with a few stitches in one place (stitch length 0). The ends of the thread leaving a long.

26. This is what a potholder looks like on both sides.

27. We hide the ends of the threads so. Take away the thread and cut.

28. Remove the basting and a good iron with steam.

29. Sew a loop or a hidden seam, or "seam-in-seam"

All! Your potholder is ready)


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