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Simple bag with handles. Sew Tutorial

 Bag with sewn sidewalls. Sew tutorial.
The size of the bag is 30x40 cm, the depth is 11 cm, the height of the handles is 20 cm.

The pattern of the bag is simple, just a few rectangles of fabric of different sizes. The main rectangle is 30x40 cm in size (4 pieces: 2 front parts, 2 lining parts), for a pocket size 30x22 cm (2 pieces: 1 front part, 1 lining detail), the side parts of the bag are 13x56 cm (4 parts: 2 front parts, 2 lining details).

For sewing bags we need:
- Fabric (it all depends on your imagination, I have three kinds: for the front parts of the bag, for the lining and for the pocket)
Clasp with ring
- Marker on the fabric
- Compactor
- Scissors
- Iron
- Large sewing button

Since embroidery is provided on my bag, I started it from her. Pre-carve out the front part of the pocket.

 Embroidery is ready to start sewing pocket.
 We cut out pocket details: front part with embroidery, lining and piping
 We sew the piping to the front part
 The second edge of the piping sew lining
 We fold in half, press and we lay a decorative line clearly getting into the seam
Pocket ready. We cut out the front parts of the bag.
All details are stripped and fastened to the fabric compactor
Sew a pocket to one of the front parts
Sew sidewall bags. Fasten parts on the seal for the fabric and sew them together.
Iron seams, cut seals for fabric from seams
Sew on the side of the bag to one of the front parts of the bag
Once sewn up it should be like this
Now we sew the free edge of the side of the bag to the second front part of the bag.
The front of the bag is ready. Cut off the seal from the seams, iron, turn out on the front side.
Getting to the creation of the lining of the bag. We cut out the details.
Iron and sew the side parts in the center.
Sew sidewalls to the main parts of the lining.
The joint of two seams looks like
It turns out that's such an internal bag. Iron the seams.
Without twisting insert the inside of the bag in the front
We connect the seams, we sew the joint
Measure out the piping, sew it
We sew the piping to the upper perimeter of the bag
Make a clasp. To do this, take a carbine, a ring to the carbine and two small segments of the main fabric
We loop the fabric loops into the fastener, sew along the edge
Fold up and sew. On the center from each of the parties we put a fastener. Lay the seam.
On the inside of the pocket we sew a button
Putting the same distance from the center of the bag sew handles

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