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Accordion Purse / Wallet Tutorial & Pattern

 There is only one seam in the wallet and 3 spacious compartments for coins, plastic cards and paper money.
Accordion Purse / Wallet Tutorial & Pattern

 In the wallet 2 large compartments, both on the button

 In the second compartment there are also 2 compartments inside :) I put the coins and cards.
 There are 6 rivet and 2 buttons. One seam at the bottom of the wallet.


On the pattern there are 3 parts, those with zigzags, you need to glue to get a pattern, glue along the zigzag line, and you need to cut the part entirely, the valve is cut out together with the main wallet.
We sew 2 parts along horizontal lines, valves look in the same direction.

How to make this wallet from kraft paper and fabric

A source: blog.sina.com.cn


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