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Slippers Tutorial

 Slippers made of cotton fabric, sole - terry fabric
How to sew slippers. DIY Tutorial

Cut out the details of slippers, do not forget: one leg is right, and echoing - left). When cutting, turn the pattern of the foot (of the future sole), make designations, so as not to confuse in the process, I put the letters "left" and "right" on the details of the face and lining.

Sew the front seam on the side of the future shoes, smooth, you can draw a decorative stitching. This option gives a place to the flight of fancy: you can cut out one half of the sidewall of one color, and the second - from the fabric of another.

If you plan to sew from the same fabric, you can carve out a solid part of the sidewall. Try, as you prefer, easier, more interesting!

 Sew the backs of the slippers, trim the zigzag with scissors, or make notches so as not to draw the fabric.

 Pin the sole to the upper part of the future slippers, sew, combine the middle of the sole with the seams on the upper part.
I sewed in half, it was easier.

 Sew, trim allowances with zigzag scissors or treat with notches

 And the final stage: turn the lining on the front side, insert the inside of the front part of the slipper, combine the lines of future seams, pin and stitch, leaving an opening for turning.

 Unscrew slippers and sew up left hole.

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