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Patchwork Football Tutorial

 The football is 6 cm in diameter. It can be used as a toy, as a pendant for your backpack or your husband's car.


    Light cotton fabric (25x15 cm)
    Dark cotton fabric (15x15 cm)
    Printer paper
    Hand sewing needle
    Twine (if desired)

Print the templates and cut the templates. Place one hexagonal template on the wrong side of the light cotton scrap, one pentagonal template on the wrong side of the dark cotton scrap, and cut out the fabric around each template, leaving a 5-7 mm seam allowance around the template.

Fold the fabric over the edge of the template and baste (all the way through the fabric and through the template).
Repeat steps №1-2 for all templates (20 hexagons and 12 pentagons in total). Press the pieces.
Place two pieces together and whipstitch, taking a tiny bite of the fabric, with the wrong sides on top.
Sew a half of the football using 10 hexagons and 6 pentagons.
Sew another half of the football the same way.
 Place the halves of the football together and sew.
Leave an opening for turning and stuffing.
Unpick all basting stitches, remove the templates.
Turn the ball right side out, stuff it firmly, and close the gap with a ladder stitch. Attach the hanging loop.
Congratulations, the football is ready!


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