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Reusable Shopping Bag Tutorial

Reusable Shopping Bag Tutorial

I took the measure of the fabric zipper bag and a shopping bag made to measure. Folded turn inside the small triangle and it remains completely closed beautiful.

 Use thin cotton. To by tapping the top of the bag, roll the whole bag later on a roll that is as thin as possible. If you use thick fabric, your best increase the distance between the handle and the upper edge. (Read the manual a bit and you'll understand why.)

- Cut two rectangles of fabric outside: 42 cm wide and 53 cm high
- Cut two rectangles from the lining 42 cm wide and 53 cm high
- Cut a square of 12 x 12 cm

 - Fold the square diagonally in half and put it on a stitching stuck in one of the bottom corners of the outer fabric, 0.5 cm from the edge.

 - Draw a line on the wrong side of both parts of the outer shell, 1 cm from the top edge, and mark mid front.
- Draw a line on the wrong side of both parts of the lining, at 1 cm from the top edge, and mark mid front. (See dotted line in the picture).
- Print out the pattern of the handle, without scaling.
- Strengthen on both parts of the lining the dotted zone interfacing. (In the picture you will notice that I have not done that But disposable loaded with one bread and three puffs, made me sense that consolidation is desirable..) Cut the handle interfacing for she irons it that the hole the handle itself can not Reinforce it.

 - Put a piece of outer fabric on a piece of lining fabric, right sides together. Make sure the center front markings correspond.
- Stik, with small stitches on the line of the handle. On my photo is on the drawn line but when reinforced with interfacing and flipped the handle, you can just stitch along the edge of the stabilizer.
- Cut the fabric inside the handle.

- Remove outer fabric and lining fabric apart and turn the whole lining through the handle to the wrong side of an outer fabric and lining fabric overlap.
- Roll the seam of the handle properly between thumb and index finger so that no more wrinkles in it. Ironing thereafter the handle.

 - Now comes the most difficult step. Role outer fabric and lining up, from bottom to top, until just past the handle. It is important to make a very small role. Use a thin stick or awl to knit from the beginning very narrow around to roll.

 - Remove the top outer fabric and lining apart, above the handle, and fold open around the roll fabric. Place the fabric edges together. If you have done this correctly, the wrong sides of the outer fabric and lining fabric sit together and about the roll of fabric in between.

 - Pin and stitch at 1 cm. The smaller your film, the less likely the substance of the roll between the stitching hit, which certainly should not happen. If necessary, use your zipper foot and between your stitching and roll too little room for ordinary foot.
- Reverse the whole roll along the side and ironing all pretty flat.
- Get out now and fabric lining completely apart and put it completely flat. (The handles are of course not lie completely flat.)
- Pin the right sides of the outer fabrics together, and right sides of the liner together. Make sure that the seams at the transition between the substances exactly lie on each other. The seam value of the liner pin you here to one side, and that of the face sheet to the other side.

Reusable Shopping Bag Tutorial

 - Stitch 1 cm from the whole, but late one side seam of the lining a keergat of about 10 cm.
- Cut down the corners in, and cut the fabric transfer some dust off a tie.

Reusable Shopping Bag Tutorial

- Turn all the keergat.
- Push the corners well.
- Close the keergat with an invisible stitch bonding or by stitching a few mm from the edge.
- Smooth the whole bag and ironing sure the seams pretty flat.

Et voila. I fold the bag lengthwise into four, in width three and then she goes smoothly in the zipper pocket of my purse. The nook is, turned inside out, as 'lock'. Of course also usable without the appropriate handbag, but she is so beautiful that I can warmly recommend to plant them high on top of your wishlist.


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