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Pyramid Bag Tutorial

Pyramid Bag Tutorial and Pattern
Ideal as a small gift but you adjust the sizes as you wish.
Need for a purse of about 8 cm (big enough for little money, you can also always cut larger pieces of fabric and work with a longer zipper)
- 2 pieces of fabric for the outside of 12x12cm
- 2 pieces of 12x12cm fabric for lining
- Two flaps of the zipper of 4x6cm (some may even shorter)
- Zipper of 12cm (you will cut to size them)
- Possibly Vlieseline H630 to give more strength to confirm the outer fabric (not on the lining!)

- Ironing a hem of 1 cm on each substance to the outside (if you're using Vlieseline, you cut on 12x11 cm to cm omstrijkt is then no Vlieseline)
- You cut zipper so you have right and left at least 12mm free, see picture below (the stitching on the photo below is only meant to help, so it would not move the zipper)

 - Stitching the lining, zipper and outer fabric together, possibly using a zipper foot to stitch close to the zipper

- Do the same with the other side
- Ironing the rear right flat
- Lining beeps are left and right, cut it in

 - You can really quite close to the zipper stitching
- Place the lining pieces and parts of the outer fabric right kantenop together and put the zipper open (!!! remember because you can otherwise you will not be inside your purse later times)

 - Stitch by the black line 10mm from the edge, you will continue to 2mm away from the zipper (for that you had attached to 12mm from the edge, see one of the last photos)
- The zipper is opened and goes from left to right, as the zipper far about zippertje (or whatever you call that?) On the side of point A
- B is the keergat
- A is a small gap of about 12mm, this opening allows the angle of the zipper (the top of the pyramid) turns nice inside, the hole remains open permanently, but once everything is reversed, it sits there really is very tight and is really nothing more lost through that hole
!!! suffocate certainly not beyond the black line on the photo below shows

 - Cut a corner off (I forgot before I took the picture)
NOTE: Sometimes I also cut out of any corner, depending on the thickness of the fabric that you make the bag

- The outer fabric and lining are on the other side of the zipper "transverse" stitched on each other, see pictures below (it will be appreciated, once you are working on it)
- Stitching on 10mm (so again at 2mm from the piece with which the zipper is finished)

 - Above so that corner that I then did not cut

 - All right, you can now carefully everything inside out and push out all over
- If you think the bottom (where it is zippertje if the zipper is open) yet to "bulb" is, put briefly then the steam iron, that helps;-)
- Close the keergat

Pyramid Bag Tutorial and Pattern

Pyramid Bag Tutorial


  1. This is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial - I know it's a lot of work. Much appreciated.

  2. I have followed the steps and made my own versions. A very rewarding experience. Thank you!

  3. Incrível....GRATIDÃO!
    Tem mais tutoriais...?