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Pencil Box Case Tutorial

DIY: Pencil Case Tutorial. The roller measures approximately 21x50cm and there is space for 10 large pens / pencils.

 Required- A: 52x22cm cotton outer side (here Ninja)- C: ditto for inside (here Brown)- B: ditto for between outside and inside (here green with Ninja)- Ditto Vlieseline H630 (not pictured)- 10 pieces of 7x7cm- 2m biais- 10 thick pens or pencils

 Preparation- Print the pattern and mirror it to the right and below the circles you just mirror to the right (this will be clear when you complete the print cartridge)- To the Ninja's to squeak exactly through each hole, they were here off and cut a strip stitched- You can make a similar composition with different colored pieces or you put between the outside (A) and the inside (C) just a plain fabric, then every hole the same and that is nice (and particularly very simple)Unfortunately, the puzzle to the right compose using must figure out yourself- Drawing the circles on the back of fabric С- Ironing 50cm of biais in half lengthwise and sew a ribbon

 make:- You're going to circle a circle to work- The circles you already signed on to the back of substance С- Pin back to the first circle, ie in front of substance C, a steak- Turn again and stitch with a small pitch (1.1 on a Bernina) around the circle, right on the line

 - Cut out the inside of the circle with a pinking shears or with ordinary scissors, but then make small indentations- Pull out the piece of cloth through the hole of the circle, the tip is now at the back of fabric С- Ironing the cloth flat, pin fastening and stitch several times all around with normal stitch length, use a contrasting color sewing thread- Cut the tip off to the stitching

 - When you've made all circles, put your С substance with the bad side of fabric and pin В you two substances together- Stitching straight lines to form the tubes for the pinstrick:stick to draw a piece of tape (the matte type that is not kieverig ai) in the place where you have to choke the straight line and suffocate than just against the tape off = always a straight line stitching, unassisted lines

 - Ironing the Vlieseline on the back of substance A (here the Ninjas)- Now pin all the layers together, substance A is taking the right direction on the table and dust С lies with the right side towards you, in between substance В- Fix the ribbon in the middle of the right- Zigzag all the pieces together, this zigzag stitching is only a tool to hold the fabric in place when you go to confirm the bias binding

 - Confirm the bias binding all around, beginning in the middle of the left sideYou stiftenrol is Rrrond!

DIY: Pencil Case tutorial

DIY: Pencil Case tutorial

DIY: Pencil Case tutorial

DIY: Pencil Case tutorial

DIY: Pencil Case tutorial


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