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Dumpling Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Dumpling Zipper Pouch Tutorial
Let's Make Dumplings! Zip Pouch Tutorial.

Dumpling Zipper Pouch Tutorial
 Depending on the size of your zipper get your dumpling another form: you can choose a pencil, a small toilet, a large toiletry bag or a small money pouch.

What you need depends on the size of the bag you choose, and you see the pattern.

Draw the pattern on the cloth, also mark two rectangles 5 x 7 cm, and cut out.

 Put your zip upside down, close them all and draw a line just below the zipper shutter. Rate on both sides to the 2 cm snips in the zipper: up to just before the half of each zipper leg. (If you have a YKK zipper used you see a line. Do not cut over in the middle of each zipper leg line.)

 Open the zipper and pin one half with the right side onto the right side of your toile. Put before the dash, you just drew you zip in the previous step, with the corner of the toile. (Left in the picture below.) Also sew, thereby using your zipper foot. At YKK zippers suffocate you exactly on the line in the middle of your zipper leg.

 Pin and stitch after the other hand, already initiated by the line that you drew equal to lay the corner of your toile. If you have done so accurately, it'll be on the other side of the arch beautiful.

 Cut between the zipper and the toile toile a strip of the road. Thus toile beeps certainly not under the zipper when you are going topstichen.

 Fold the toile along to the zipper, and topstitching with a longer stitch length. (Example 3.) I do that by targeting the middle of my foot on the edge of the toile, and put my needle from center. Make sure you zip around beautiful it is under the topstich: the snips here and there it can sometimes fold back. I try to toile cirée play as little as possible, so I push the zipper gradually flat while stitching.

 On the corner of the zipper shutter fails to topstichen not so good: the left you see how I'm just "exiled" I stopped right thing for the zipper shutter. Neither mind: this ends soon disappears when you close the bag stitching on the side.

 And now time for a little 'trick'. Get a long piece of yarn through the eye of the shutter zipper, fold it in half and make a knot.

 Turn your bag inside out and close the zipper almost completely (leave open about 2 cm) but make it short yarn across your zip shutter protrudes through the hole on the corner.

 Press the end of your bag flat on the side of the zipper shutter. Make sure the zipper sits nicely in the middle (which was much better for me ...) By Stik a few times at 1 cm. Because your zipper is closed, it is somewhat easier to put together the two legs nicely.

 Take one of the rectangular patches toile and tuck it around the seam allowance. Also sew so that the previous stitching hidden under the patch.

 Cut top and bottom excess toile a little way, and cut the corners of the steak diagonally away. (That could symmetrical with me ...)

 Open your zipper, by holding the flap with one hand and with your other hand to pull the long loop of yarn. If she's open about 3/4, you cut the threads. Then repeat the previous steps on the other side of the bag: crush, by tapping 1cm, steak over and surplus toile flipping.

Dumpling Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

 Turn the whole push the corners carefully, and done!

Dumpling Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern