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Tutorial - The Love Letter Mini Clutch

Tutorial - The Love Letter Mini Clutch
 Remember how your heart used to race when you found a red envelope in your mailbox on February 14th?   Feel those flutters every day by making yourself a love letter mini clutch!

Tutorial - The Love Letter Mini Clutch

What you'll need...

50cmx 35cm outer fabric
50cm x 25cm lining fabric
50 cm x 25cm medium weight fusible interfacing
a scrap of lining fabric to make the appliqued heart
a scrap of heat and bond
a co-ordinating button
A small piece of hat elastic - I just used one of Lizzy's hair elastics
2 pieces of a4 paper to make the template

To start with, you'll need to draw a template for this project.  Here's a diagram to get you started.

Fold  one piece of A4 paper in half, lengthwise.  On the folded side, measure and mark 25cm.  On the unfolded side, measure and mark 15cm.  Draw a diagonal line between the two dots.  When you cut and unfold your template, it should look like this....

We'll call this piece the back.

Now take your other piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise.

Measure 15cm from the bottom of your paper and rule a line the width of the paper.  Cut along the line.  When you unfold it, it should look like this...

We'll call this piece the front.

Now it's time to cut your fabric.  The templates you have drafted include a 1cm seam allowance.You'll need to cut -
One front piece and one back piece in your outer fabric
One front piece and one back piece in your lining fabric
One front piece and one back piece in medium weight interfacing
One 50cm x 6cm strip in your outer fabric for the wrist strap.

When you have cut your fabric and assembled your notions, you should have a collection that looks a little like this...

Before you begin the fun stuff, fuse the interfacing to the wrong sides of your outer fabric pieces.

Let's start crafting!  You need to draw a heart shape on to the papery side of your heat and bond.  Fuse the heat and bond to your fabric, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Cut out the heart and position it on  right side of  the back outer piece of fabric.  It will end  will end up in the right place, promise!  Place the bottom of the heart about 4cm from the pointy end of the back piece. Bond  - make sure you don't scorch your fabric!

Machine applique the heart to the fabric.  I used a straight stitch because it's quicker, but zigzag looks good too

I'm really into using elastics and buttons for closures at the moment, so that's what I've used here.  You could also use a press stud or a magnetic clip. If you take these  options  make sure you select a small ones, though, because the point where you have to attach your closure is pretty narrow.

Measure the loop of elastic around your button.  It doesn't have to be super accurate - this type of closure is pretty forgiving!  Attach the loop to the right side of your outer fabric just below the point of the heart that you've appliqued.  Make sure you reinforce your seam by sewing over it a number of times.  The loop that you want to go around the button needs to be facing the heart.  It looks a little confusing in this picture as I've used a circle of elastic to make the loop.

Next, grab the 50cm x 6cm strip and head to the ironing board so that you can make the wrist strap.
Iron the strip in half lengthwise in order to create a nice, crisp fold.

Open the strip and iron each of the long sides of the fabric to the centre fold.  It should look like this.

Next, iron the strip in half so that all of the unfinished edges are folded to the inside.

Top stitch along both edges of the strap.

Fold the strap in half and attach it to the right side of the front piece. Make sure the loop is facing inwards.  Attach the strap about 4cm from the top.  It's up to you whether you attach it on the right or left hand side.   Reinforce your seam by sewing over it a number of times.

Now it's time to take the front and back pieces of your outer fabric and  pin them right sides together. Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew the front and back pieces together.

Clip the corners , trim your seams carefully and turn the front piece right side out.  You should see the envelope shape taking place!

Pin the lining together in the same way.    This  next bit is important - make sure you leave a 10cm gap in the  long seam  that runs along the bottom so that when you get around to sewing the lining and outer together you have a hole to turn them through.  Sew the lining using a 1cm seam allowance. Clip the corners and trim your seams carefully.

Take the outer and lining pieces.  With right sides together sandwich the outer piece inside the lining.  Match up the side seams and the point on the top.  Pin carefully.

Starting about half way along the front of the bag opening stitch the lining and the outer fabric together.  You need to stitch right across the front of the bag opening and also up and around both sides of the triangle.  Make sure that you pivot at the corners.  Check out the diagram below so that you can see exactly where you need to sew.

Trim the seams and snip off the point of the triangle.  On the diagram I've marked the two points where you need to clip to the seam line. Make sure you don't clip through your sewing when trimming, snipping and clipping.

Remember you left a gap in the lining?  Now it's time to turn your whole envelope through, so that all of the seam allowances are turned to the inside.  Use a chopstick to push out all of the corners so that you create a nice envelopey shape.

It should look like this...

Press your envelope flat.  You might need to roll the seams between your thumb and forefinger to ensure that they lay flat

All you have to do now is a little finishing off...

Sew on your button - try to just sew through the outer layer of fabric so that you don't have any messy stitching on the inside of your  bag.

Tutorial - The Love Letter Mini Clutch

Finally - hand slip the hole in the lining together and....taa daa!  You're done - it's time to share the love!

Tutorial - The Love Letter Mini Clutch


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