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Summer Bag Tutorial

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial
 It has a handy size, with the handles long enough to make it hanging comfortable.

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial

The closure system is simple, no zippers; but it closes very well and does not leak anything.

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial

And for the primary things, the outside pocket is large enough to carry the phone, keys...

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial

What do you think? I think it's great for summer activities, don't you?

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial

Materials needed

• Exterior fabric:   2 rectangles of 32 x 40 cm
                              2 rectangles of 10 x 52 cm
• Pocket fabric: 1 rectangle of 32 x 25 cm
                          2 square of 6 x 6 cm
• Lining fabric:  2 rectangles of 32 x 40 cm
                           2 rectangles of 10 x 52 cm
                           2 rectangles of 20 x 40 cm
• Batting: 2 rectangles of 32 x 40 cm
                 2 rectangles of 10 x 52 cm
• Fusible interfacing: 1 rectangle of 32 x 25 cm

• 25 cm zipper (the chain)
• 2 pieces of 80 cm of lace or ribbon
• 2 straps measuring 60 cm each
• Pins, large safety pin, thread, water soluble pen, sewing  machine.

Finished dimensions:
Tall: 37 cm
Wide: 35 cm

Sewing instructions

----- 3/8” seam allowances are included on the pattern (approximately 0,9 cm) -----

Bag exterior

1. Sew the two 6 x 6 squares at the ends of the zipper. The total length of the zipper with the fabric pieces has to be 29 cm.

2. Iron the fusible interfacing on the back side of the pocket fabric. Then place the zipper on the top of one of the 32 cm sides stitch it together.

3. Take one of the 32 x 40 cm exterior fabric and batting  rectangles, which will form the front of your bag. Place the front with the pocket right sides together with zipper placed face down and at 24 cm from the base of the front piece. Stitch the zipper to the front part.

4. With a rounded object of about 20 cm diameter, round the corners of both the front and the back of the exterior fabric and also the 32 x 40 cm pieces of the batting.

5. With pins, hold the 10 x 52 cm rectangles of the exterior fabric with the batting of the same size. Stitch the pieces right side together on the 10 cm side. Iron the seam to one side and stitch along to strengthen the center seam. These will be the sides of the your bag.

6. Mark the center of the bag front with a pin. Place the side piece so that the center seam coincides with the marked center, right sides together. Pin it and stitch it all around, ensuring not to sew over the ends of the zipper. Repeat with the back side of the bag.

7. Cut the batting excess out of the seam and make small cuts in the round corners.

8. Turn the bag right side out and equals the top margin of the bag.

Bag interior

9. Round the bottoms of the 32 x 40 cm lining rectangles,  like you did in step 4.

10.Assemble the lining, joining first the 10 x 52 cm pieces and these with the front and the back of the lining, as  you did in the step 5 and 6, but leave an opening of  about 10 cm at the bottom of the front piece.

Bag closure

11.Place the two 20 x 40 cm rectangles right side together and stitch them through the 20 cm side, leaving an opening of 2 cm at 4 cm from the bottom at each side.

12.Press raw edges on the center, folding them inside and ensuring that the edge coincides with the start of the opening that you left on the sides.

The handles

13. Place the handles on the bag exterior, trying to place them at the same distance on the front and the back. Stitch them to ensure that they remain on the right place while you assemble the bag.

Bag assembling 

14.Place the bag exterior into the 20 x 40 rectangles right sides together, aligning them at the top edge of the bag. 

15.Introduce all this into the bag lining, so that the exterior and the lining are right sides facing and the side seams match. Align all the pieces on the top edge and pin it along. Make sure that the handles are downwards. Top  stitch along the edge.

16. Through the opening that you had left in the lining, turn the bag right side out. With a small allowance stitching,  close the opening of the lining.

17.Press the bag top and stitch along the top edge.

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial

18.Using the safety pin, slip the ribbon through the hem you have done, starting and finishing at the same point. Repeat it with the other ribbon, but starting and finishing from the other side opening.

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial

And you are done! Congratulations, you have your bag ready! Enjoy it! :)

Summer Bag Sewing Tutorial


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