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Easy Zippered Pouch Tutorial

Easy Zippered Pouch Tutorial
 Learn to sew: Free Easy Zippered Pouch sewing tutorial

Easy Zippered Pouch Tutorial

This  a very straightforward project. I started by cutting my fabric: 2 layers for the outside, 2 layers for the lining.

I pinned and sewed 1 piece of outside fabric + 1 piece of lining to one side of the zipper side. Then repeated the process for the other side. I flattened and ironed the fabrics on each side of the zipper, then top-stitched about 1/8 inch from the zipper with contrasting thread.

I pinned the 2 pieces of outside fabric right sides together and the 2 pieces of lining fabric right sides together. I can't quite remember which way I folded the zipper here. I sewed all the way around, leaving a 2-inch opening on one side of the lining.

Before flipping the pouch inside out, I pulled the corners out and drew a line across (about 1 inch from the point). I then sewed across that line and clipped the extra fabric a 1/4 inch from the seam.

I flipped the whole thing inside out and pinned/stitched the opening closed.

And ta-da, finished pouch!

Easy Zippered Pouch Tutorial

Despite the funky square shape, it turned out pretty well. And it's a super-fast project! I will definitely be making more of these in the future, either for myself or for others as gifts.

Easy Zippered Pouch Tutorial


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