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Coloring Caddy Bag Tutorial

Coloring Caddy Bag Tutorial
  This tutorial has a few extra steps for a high-quality end product. If I may say so myself.

1. Meet The Cast:

Rotary blade and/or scissors
Cutting mat
4 different fabrics- fat quarters will get the job done
Fusible interfacing
Fusible fleece
Fabric marking pen
Immunization Record– WHAT? How did THAT get in the picture??? Uh, just kidding.
Necessary sewing items (pins, machine, matching thread, etc.)
**Every measurement is in inches.

2. Cut out your main body pieces. You will need:
Two (2) 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 pieces of outside fabric
Two (2) 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 pieces of lining fabric
Two (2) 10 x 10 pieces of fusible fleece

3. Cut your pocket pieces. You will need:
Eight (8) 3 x 10 1/2 pieces of fabric (or four 6 x 10 1/2 pieces ironed in half)
Four (4) 3 x 10 1/2 pieces of fusible interfacing

4. Cut out your straps. Cut two (2) pieces at 4 x 22 or the length of your fat quarter.

5. Make your pocket banding. Cut four (4) pieces 2 x 10 1/2.

6. Iron the pieces in half, and then fold the sides to meet the crease in the middle. Iron. You can make it easier on yourself and use 1/2 inch double-fold bias tape if you prefer.

7. Make pockets. Create a pocket sandwich (pita pocket? hee hee) by placing the fusible interfacing between the wrong sides of two fabric layers. Iron the interfacing on per manufacturer’s instructions. The fabric piece that adheres to the interfacing is the FRONT of the pocket.

8. Sew the banding to the top of your pockets. I just stuck the main pocket piece inside the banding and pinned it on. Sew a scant 1/8 from the edge, making sure to catch the banding fabric on the underside. If you cut a piece 6 x 10 1/2 you can do this or just use your fold as the top edge.

9. Mark a line 1/4 from the bottom (long side) on the BACK of the pockets. It is for reference later.

10. Mark your main fabric 1 inch from the bottom and 6 inches from the bottom.

11. Center the fusible fleece on the WRONG sides of your main fabric pieces. There should be 1/4 inch on all sides. Iron on per manufacturer instructions.

12. Line up your pocket lines with the main fabric lines with right sides (Front of the pocket and right side of main fabric) together and the pockets facing the BOTTOM of the bag. Sew along the line. I took the first picture after double-checking my lines, that is why it doesn’t have banding on it yet. Sorry.

I flipped over the pockets to see the front and tacked down the tops of the pockets while I was at it.

13. Lay pieces flat and start marking sewing lines.

First, mark your center at 5 1/4″. Then mark every inch from that point on both sides. The outside spaces will naturally be 1 1/4″.

14. Sew along the lines from the bottom up to make sure you don’t mess up the pockets.

15. Sew main pieces right sides together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. You should be sewing right against the fusible fleece.

16. Sew lining pieces right sides together. Leave a 6″ opening at the bottom for turning later.

17. Prepare straps the same way you prepared the pocket banding. The resulting four layers of fabric make for some sturdy straps. Sew 1/8″ down both sides. This will close the strap and just look good with two lines of stitching. In fact, have a blast… sew all over the thing. I just didn’t want to use the thread :).

18. Turn main fabric piece right side out and slip lining piece over it so you have right sides together. Pin straps in between the layers 2″ from each edge. Stitch around the edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance. I shortened my stitch length to make it more secure.

19. Pull the main fabric out of the hole in the bottom of the lining. Stitch the hole in the lining closed.

20. Top stitch around the top of the bag. I stitched at 1/8″ again.

Trim any loose threads and stock that baby with crayons and paper. This sweet caddy is headed to the etsy shop as soon as I clean this apartment…

Other options:
* You can also make pockets for skinny markers by sizing your pockets to be 5″ x 10 1/2″ and do one pocket per side. Make them 4″x 10 1/2″ if you are worried about losing pen caps.
* If you don’t mind going slightly smaller, you can use a layer cake instead for everything but the straps. A layer cake is 10″x10″.

Coloring Caddy Bag Tutorial


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