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Cute Small Zipper Bag Tutorial

Cute Small Zipper Bag Tutorial
 The perfect little bag to store all the essentials! This design works up fast and easy! Great for all sewing levels! Make these bags as a gift when your in a pinch! Use a fun zipper and tassel for added detail.

What you will need:
- ½ Yard of Main Fabric
- ½ Yard of Lining Fabric 
- ½ Yard of Pellon Fusible Fleece, I use Pellon 971
- 9-inch Zipper
- Cotton Coordinating Thread - Rotary Cutter, scissors 
- Pins/Clips - Ruler

 *This is a great time to use up that left-over fabric!!   

- From your main fabric cut 2, 9 x 7-inch pieces
- From your Lining Fabric cut 2, 9 x 7-inch pieces
- Cut 2, 9 x 7-inch Pellon Fusible Fleece Pieces
- Cute 2, 1.5 x 6 Fabric Pieces from Main Fabric, these will be your Zipper Tabs.

- Iron your Fusible Fleece to your 2 Main Fabric Pieces.
Now that your Pieces are cut, and you’ve fused your pellon you are ready to construct! 

Zipper Tabs:

 - Fold both zipper tabs in half and iron

- Pin Zipper tab to one end of Zipper.

- Sew close to the edge

- Cut extra zipper piece at the end, now iron down tab and measure I inch cut off extra.

Using your main fabric piece as a guide, place other tab to other end of zipper and measure I inch from the end. Sew and Cut extra zipper at end, cut tab to measure 1 inch.  Your zipper should measure 9 inches.

- Place one lining piece right side up - Place the zipper on top of lining piece right side up

- Place main fabric piece on top of zipper right side down! 

- Pin in place at top

- Using a zipper foot, sew from one end to the other.

Removing pins as you go along.

- After sewing one side, pull your fabric pieces apart, it should look like photo above!
- Now take both fabric pieces and place together, iron down! Reference Picture below!

- Place second lining piece right side up!

- Now place the zipper piece on top of the lining piece right side up!

- Now place the final main fabric piece on top of all the layers wrong side up!!! 

- Reference photos below.

- Pin in place and sew down using your zipper foot.

- Once you have sewn the top, open your fabric. Iron near the top close to the zipper to get it flat.

- Now you will sew a Top Stitch, stay close to the zipper. 

- Reference picture below!

Top Stitch

- Now pull both of your main fabric pieces together, and both of your lining pieces together.

- Pin in place all the way around!

- Now you will measure 1 x 1 inch on all four corners

- Cut out the corners! It should look like picture 4 when done cutting out all corners.


- Sew ¼ inch all the way around your bag. Make sure to leave a 4-inch gap from your lining, for turning!

- Now you will need to box the corners. Bring together the corners and sew close to the edge. Reference photos below!

- Now your bag should look like this!

- Now using the gap you left while sewing, turn your bag right side out! Sew the gap closed!

- Push lining inside of bag, push all corners out, Iron if needed. I always like to iron my bags for a clean finish!

- Your done!!! You have now made a cute Wedge Bag! 

Add a tassel, or Charm to your zipper for added cuteness!

Cute Small Zipper Bag Tutorial

Cute Small Zipper Bag Tutorial

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  1. I have sewn many bags, but this one is super simple! I will use the box corner and zipper ends from now on.