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Woven Felt Basket Tutorial

Woven Felt Basket Tutorial
  Here’s your tutorial for these beautiful woven felt baskets.

Grab your supplies…just one yard of felt (and your sewing machine, of course)! Ready for the steps?

Cut out two rectangles from your felt. Cut one 10” x 31” and cut one 14” x 27”
Fold over the top inch of each rectangle on the shorter sides and stitch in place.
Place one rectangle over the other, and stitch around the rectangle in the middle, where the two pieces of felt intersect.

 Measure up six inches from your stitched inner rectangle and mark with a washable fabric pencil.

Cut a line every two inches, perpendicular from your inner rectangle, up to the marked line. Do this on all four sides.

Now fold up each rectangle, until the corners meet. Stitch down the corners at the top two inches. Do this to all four corners of your basket.

Now cut three long rectangles 2” x 49”. These will be your weaving strips.

Weave your first layer, down at the bottom of the basket, going over and under. When you get to the end, grab the ends of your long weaving strip at the inside of the basket and stitch the ends together. Do this with the next two layers, alternating each layer over under then under over.

That’s it…you have made it to the end and you have a beautiful woven felt basket! Enjoy!

Woven Felt Basket Tutorial


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