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DIY Leather Pouch. Tutorial & Pattern

 It's so simple and easy to do, but would make a really lovely present for someone, especially when you are going on holiday and don't want to carry around the big purse.

 Perfect for stashing love notes, calling cards, metro cards and cell phones. It’s also a chic way to wrap a gift card for a birthday gift or someone's special day. Personalize yours with a racing stripe, a tiny gold initial, or studs.

hole punch (or scissors)
light marker or pen

pattern downloaded HERE
screw on button-stud

Gather your materials, including printing the template.

Cut out the paper template.

Place it on the leather and trace around the outline with a marker.

Make a mark where you’ll need to hole punch later.

Cut out the leather, following your marker outline as closely as you can.

Punch your holes.

Place the screw part of the screw stud through the hole on the left flap of your pouch, then the right flap and finally the bottom flap.

Screw on the top to secure the flaps in place.

Go over the creases in your pouchette with a pen or other smooth object to give it a polished feel.

You can jazz this little guy up with studs, grommets, painting on spots or stripes or painting the edge of the leather.

DIY Leather Pouch. Tutorial & Pattern


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