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Sew Eco-Bag Transformer

 How to sew a folding bag-transformer with a large beautiful pocket. DIY Tutorial

We will need:
- cotton or linen fabric for the base of the bag and handles (thick coarse calico or fine linen)
- fabric with a pattern
- monophonic colored fabric companion
- a little calico quilted polyester batting
- glue fabric
- button.

From the main fabric we cut out:
- the basis of the bag - 40 * 80 cm,
- 2 handles 4.5 * 70 cm each.
From fabric with a pattern (in my flower):
- pocket 1 pc,
- bag stitching 1 pcs 4.5 * 80 cm
From colored fabric (I have yellow):
- 2 handles 4.5 * 70 cm each,
- pocket 1 pc,
- bias binding  4 * 85 cm
- loop 8 * 3 cm
Of coarse calico on polyester batting:
- pocket 1 pc.

All handles (4 pcs.) And bag stitching we glue with glue cloth

First, sew a pocket.
On the main fabric of the pocket on the face, we mark the lines for subsequent stitches - I have diamonds.
We fold our cake - yellow fabric, coarse calico on the polyester batting (wrong side to the wrong side of yellow), on top of the floral fabric.
We fasten neatly with pins or sweep them away.
We sew up our pocket, iron a little, align the edges, fasten a loop with a needle.

We are sewing the bias binding around the pocket perimeter.
Cut the fabric close to the line in the corners.

We unscrew the backing on the face of our pocket, turn it in and put it in, then set it up, remove the basting. The loop can be smoothed over, and it is better to attach it so that it does not wrap.

Try on a pocket on the main canvas. Fasten with needles or sweep and sew clearly along the dotted line, as drawn on the pattern.
It is important not to sew up a pocket of a bag or sew a flap!

Now we sew a bag, process cuts, sew corners.

Getting down to the handles of the bag. We sew in pairs the handle of the main fabric and yellow. Wrenched, ironed iron, sew.

We sew the piping to the bag, turn away to the wrong side, smooth, turn the cut of the facing and smooth again.

Try on the handle. It is very convenient to level them along the side seams of the pocket. We fasten them with needles, we attach the facing together with the handles.

We turn away the handles, fasten them with needles on the facing and sew the top of the bag.

To outline the place of the buttons (on the pattern it is very roughly indicated), fold the bag, starting with the handles.

We note where the button will be and sew it (only for the wall of the pocket).

Bag is ready!


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